Sunday, May 25, 2014


I share the following ALERT, which I felt strongly in my spirit early May 22, and I STILL DO:


".....All I KNOW is we live in an hour like never before. We are poised on the BRINK of seeing God's hand move in a powerful and awesome manner. His Word will be fulfilled speedily. THE TIME IS UPON US!"
Recent news: which can be headlined under these categories:

SYRIA: movements of Al Qaeda in the Golan Heights and no progress in turning over chemical weapons. RUSSIA: helping Iran with more nuclear facilities, and along with CHINA, is set to collapse U.S. petrodollar. THE POPE visiting Israel to offer support of a PALESTINIAN STATE. ISRAEL: more Jews are returning from their being scattered into the world. NEW WORLD ORDER: U.S. and foreign troops practice more URBAN WARFARE in American cities. EARTHQUAKE: in Virginia; then in Greece and Israel at the same time as the Pope's visit . VOLCANO: sparks evacuation in Central America; they continue to rumble, worldwide. FAMINE: weather and ability to move food threatens a severe food shortage, according to the most recent updates.  LIGHTNING strikes ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York in conjunction to Pope's visit to Middle East.  [Updates on recent news of a PROPHETIC IMPACT fluctuates on a daily basis; each day provides a new and lengthy list of signs.  Of itself, Church, this is a POWERFUL statement that our time here on earth grows short.  Bible prophecy is rapidly being SET-UP for its eventual fulfillment. The Rapture is IMMINENT.]

Prophecy seems to unfold in cycles--sometimes much, sometimes not (happening like the pressure and erasing of LABOR PAINS). But here lately, the news of prophetic impact has INCREASED so rapidly, bearing down so hard, that it's difficult to report all of it [This is a top reason why I share much of the news here lately in the form of headlines--on my Facebook page].

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EMPHASIZE IT ANY STRONGER: We are at THE END, nearing the finish of our earthly race!!!

JESUS IS COMING QUICKLY: in ANY moment, perhaps the VERY NEXT twinkling of the eye. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

We must be AWAKE, ALERT and READY. We are MADE READY; we are DECLARED WORTHY--because of being cleansed by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To BE READY is simple: believe that Jesus died FOR YOUR sins, and that He rose again from the dead so that YOU MAY LIVE in and through Him. Romans 6:4-11. Then YOU CALL upon the name of Jesus in IN PRAYER, TRUSTING in His shed blood FOR YOU, and YOU SHALL BE SAVED. Romans 10:8-13. When Jesus RAPTURES [catches up] His Church to Himself in the air, YOU WILL be with Him. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. YOU WILL be translated into a NEW GLORIFIED body. Romans 8:23. And YOU WILL will dwell with the Lord in THOSE MANSIONS He's promised in His Father's house in heaven. John 14:1-3. You will NOT face the coming time of God's Tribulation judgments. 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11.

THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUE! Believe it. And receive the GIFT of God in His Son Jesus Christ.

"For God so loved the world, that HE GAVE His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES in Him should NOT PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE." John 3:16.

Jesus is "the way, the truth and the life"; no man comes unto the Father EXCEPT through Him. John 14:6.

TIME IS EXCEEDINGLY SHORT: do NOT delay turning to Jesus. "(For He [God] says, 'I have heard you in a time ACCEPTED, and in the DAY OF SALVATION have I succored [aided, helped] you: behold, NOW is the ACCEPTED TIME; behold, NOW is the DAY OF SALVATION.)'" 2 Corinthians 6:2.

Jesus said in Luke 4:19 that He CAME "to PREACH the ACCEPTABLE YEAR of the Lord". Be part of Him and this promise TODAY.

Tomorrow may be another TIME known as "THE DAY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOD" as prophesied in Isaiah 61:2.

By all the NEWS, the ACCUMULATING SIGNS, we see THAT DAY approaching. Hebrews 10:25.

So come to Jesus NOW, while the DAY OF SALVATION is here. Tomorrow may be TOO LATE...the judgments may have come by then.

BE READY. JESUS IS COMING QUICKLY. Greet Him with gleeful hearts and rejoicing spirits. EVEN SO, COME LORD!!!



Recently (early months of 2014), I've noticed a quite a few articles and news which relates to the developing New World Order--the planned One World Government envisioned by "globalists". Much goes on behind the scenes, topics of which the majority of Americans have no knowledge. This is because the "state-run" media only prints or airs topics which support their agenda. Those who EXPOSE the lies are slandered as "terrorists of the state" or ridiculed as "conspiracy theorists".

As for myself, I seek to alert people--not based upon "lies" or "propaganda" from the mainstream media, nor from "the exposes" of the alternate media. The BOTTOM-LINE for me is ALWAYS God's Word--what He has revealed through the prophetic scriptures. That said, I'll state that MUCH of what we SEE happening in today's world "sets the stage" for what is SOON TO COME as Bible prophecy is fulfilled. The entire world will fall into wars, and be subjected to a "tyranny" like none other in the history of mankind!

The United States, as we have known it in the past, no longer exists.

What we see NOW is a "shadow", an "illusion", a "matrix", in which the population imagines that "better times" are coming, that ALL we need to do is OBJECT to the agenda of the current administration and voice our outrage at the voting booth as we "kick the bums out." I'm not being unpatriotic by writing this. I'm being REALISTIC, based upon what I know of the New World Order agenda, and upon the TRUTH of Bible prophecy. We can "kick the bums out", but the infernal plans of the New World Order will continue to their planned outcome. You see, there are "globalists" and "traitors" to the American Constitution on both sides of the isle! Those with the "big money" and an eye to "total control" and "absolute power" make certain of that. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, the International Banking cabal and top Industrialist/Commercial interests MAKE SURE that it remains that way. Our votes matter NOT a whit!

I believe that those IN POWER in the United States might be SHOCKED THEMSELVES, as to what they will bring down upon the American continent--and upon their very own heads. I say that BECAUSE God will judge. The Creator of the universe will have THE FINAL say. The nefarious plans of mankind (those in control of the world system)--which is further under control of the "god of this world" (Satan and his principalities, powers and minions) will be ULTIMATELY JUDGED BY GOD.

There are two potential outcomes for the United States:

(1.) The U.S. will disappear as a world power, since it is NOT directly seen in Bible Prophecy. A war and/or a series of major catastrophes COULD eliminate the U.S. from being a dominant player in end time events. Wiping the nation out...down for the count....

(2.) Or--A REMNANT of the U.S. will merge themselves into the planned One World Agenda, as pictured in the photo of the "Modern Ten Regions" that appears WITH this article. I tend to see that America will get "battered" in the upcoming wars and judgments, BUT an element (or a remnant) of the nation--the commercial and military complex will survive, to become the heavy hand of might behind the Antichrist when he appears for his appointed, and thankfully very brief, tyranny upon this planet. The Bible shows that Antichrist will be backed by the Western powers, those nations which come out of a Greek-Roman heritage: these nations will include Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia--the "merchants (bankers, industrialists) of Tarshish and the young lions thereof" as stated in the Bible.

Under the FIRST possibility, the United States will be ripped apart so badly, that it's out of the scene entirely for the final acts of man's cruelty to man. (I can't quite see it that way. Too much money, too much military might, has been invested in this country to have it TOTALLY disappear.) Even if battered severely, the money and military might will remain, and be used as a tool in the hands of the "man of sin" when he arises. Much of the U.S. assets, industrial, financial and military, have already been moved off-shore, anyway.

Under the SECOND possibility, extremely harsh situations will befall what is LEFT of the American populace (after earthquakes, volcanoes, bombs, EMPs, starvation, homelessness, pestilences, FEMA camps, executions). While that horror unfolds, the people in power, and specifically THE KING of region #1, the leader of the North American Union, will LINK ARMS with "the Antichrist" and help him to trample all those nations who do NOT kowtow to his reign. I don't see Middle Eastern countries, or the Chinese, bowing to the ULTIMATE dictator of this planet. Also, prophecy declares that Antichrist WILL UPROOT THREE of the other KINGS, so therefore, THREE of the TEN REGIONS will fall victim to his destructive might. That is ALSO why the Bible shows that a SERIES of end time wars, which, along with God's direct judgments, will come very close to destroying all flesh on earth.

BUT praise be to Jesus! He promises that those days will be shortened, so that NOT ALL flesh will be destroyed.

I offer these BIBLICAL references, because it lays the foundation for the series of links I'll add to this post. ALL MUST BE FULFILLED IN LINE WITH WHAT GOD SAYS WILL HAPPEN IN HIS WORD. All else is conjecture.

A variety of events can unfold as the scripture is brought to its fulfillment. Various scenarios can be suggested as Bible Prophecy is fulfilled in real time.

How will Russia respond? How will China react? Where will leaders of Europe be included? Where is Japan, South America, Mexico? What will happen in Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel? Some of these nations receive SPECIFIC PROPHECIES in the Bible; we KNOW what IS their ultimate destiny! Others, like the U.S., South America and Mexico are not seen in Bible prophecy--but these nations must be affected by what will be a WORLD-WIDE calamity! So while possibilities can be presented, the FINAL OUTCOME lies in the pages that God had written MILLENNIAS in the past! His Word is accurate, and will be CONCLUDED, as history unfolds, fulfilling that which was written in advance.

In today's world, we get a few HINTS about what MIGHT transpire:

(1.) There's HINTS seen in the movements of Russia.

(2.) There's further HINTS in the movements of China.

The U.S. is seen IN RELATIONSHIP to these TWO superpowers. Russia exerts influence with military precision, and "sleight of hand" deception. While Russia has indeed feigned a former "friendly" face to the U.S.--that "friendship" has NOW rapidly fallen apart, under the current Ukraine and Syria crises (in an East/West battle over WHO will control the oil routes and the money to be made via the oil trade). China exerts it's influence mainly in the area of finance and commerce. The U.S. has turned to China to stop its plunge into bankruptcy. It has opened doors to commerce with China for the very same reason. As a result, China now OWNS parts and parcels of the U.S. The current battle at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada relates to the Chinese and their plans to control commerce in Solar Energy. It relates to a U.S. senator and his family who want to line their pockets at the expense of American sovereignty and the American people. These crises, both on the Russian front and the Chinese front, will lead, I believe to A PART of the horror as America is torn-apart, just prior to the emerging of the Antichrist (AND I also believe that the ripping apart of America CANNOT happen until AFTER the Rapture of the Church). Furthermore, I believe the U.S. will be hit at the "same time" that a MIDDLE EASTERN war erupts--the Psalm 83 battle. which will then escalate into the Gog/Magog Invasion of Israel as seen in Ezekiel 38-39.

We've witnessed the world on THE VERY EDGE of those WARS on at least TWO recent occasions--the last one occurred in October 2013 over the Syrian crisis (and the crisis PRIOR to last October was when Israel battled it out with Hamas in Gaza--if I recall correctly, that one occurred in 2012).

FULL CONFLICT cannot happen (even as we've WATCHED it get very close) because of a SOLID Biblical reason.

There's A RESTRAINER Who holds back the wars (WHICH WILL END WITH THE REVEALING OF THE ANTICHRIST). The END cannot arrive UNTIL He Who HOLDS IT BACK IS TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY. He who RESTRAINS is the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit's restraint IS REMOVED, we who are INDWELLED by Him will be REMOVED, too. (By the way, the Holy Spirit is always OMNIPRESENT on the earth, even when His influence through Godly people is taken out of the way.) This means that the "Born Again Church of the Lord Jesus Christ" WILL BE RAPTURED, caught up to meet Jesus in the air and be TAKEN to our promised mansions at God's Throne in heaven--BEFORE the sudden destruction comes.

ONLY THEN--is "WHEN" that which is WRITTEN will BEFALL the entire world in wars and upheaval, which will, in turn, lead up to A PLEA for a "man" to END all the violence. THAT'S WHEN the "man of sin" will step into his appointed time, the world will be deceived by him, and Israel will make a COVENANT WITH DEATH, and an AGREEMENT WITH HELL through a seven-year plan for "peace"--and SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will come instead upon those of the world. AS for Israel, when THE SCOURGE shall pass over the earth, they, too, will be TRODDEN DOWN by it. (I'm referring to prophecies from 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12, Daniel 9:27 and Isaiah 28:14-18.)

Every day, I see some article, news items, plus some really frightening conjectures--about what will happen to the United States in the midst of all the approaching upheaval. That fact SHOUTS how TIME for this "present world system" is VERY SHORT.

I will NOT lighten the images of what WILL BEFALL the United States as END TIME PROPHECIES are fulfilled. I believe this nation is going to experience some NIGHTMARISH times!!! Those who are SO ACCUSTOMED TO a life of ease and comfort, with all the trappings of prosperity (nice homes, vehicles, recreational outlets, electronic gadgets, all the food they can eat, a soft bed to lie in every night) BUT who LOVE NOT God, nor OBEY NOT the Gospel of Jesus, are going to suffer unimaginable SHOCK AND TERROR. I cannot MITIGATE that. It WILL come and it's going to be horrendous!!!

I read of Russian fighter jets flying near to California, and over U.S. military bases in Guam. This is PART OF the ongoing "war games" between Russia and the U.S. as they haggle over WHO will gain control of Middle East oil assets.

I read reports of Russian military personnel and soldiers being sighted on American soil, in Tennessee, in Alaska, in Colorado, in parts of Montana. What are they doing here?

I read of International military drills within U.S. cities--with troops from Russia, NATO, and the U.S. taking part. Why are militaries training together? I would think they would NOT share vital national secrets. Or is this just a show, a deception?

I read reports of the U.S. sending weapons and heavy military equipment to those who used to be considered as our enemies. Just who is our enemy now, and who isn't?

I read reports of Russian scientists and military leaders being allowed into American nuclear facilities and missile silos. Why? [We who recall the COLD WAR shudder at news like this.]

I read of Obama withholding funds to supply our military forces, of him retiring vital military hardware and ships, of withdrawing American troops, and other moves--which shreds the country's military strength and capacity. And at the same time, I watch as he installs militarized "civilian" forces throughout America's towns and cities. He also fires the top military leaders and brass who do NOT agree with him. I see him implementing that draconian NDAA law, which labels Christians, military vets, the Tea Party and other patriots as "terrorists".

Thanks to Edward Snowden, I, along with many other Americans, KNOW we are being spied upon by BIG BROTHER...through cell phones, the Internet, paper trails of our banking, and other privacies that we no longer have. Orwell's vision, written of in his novel, "1984", has become disquieting reality.

I read articles by Dave Hodges, Doug Hagmann, and listen to men who have "insiders" that funnel them information, such as Steve Quayle, Greg Evensen, plus others, and I read books written by Doug Woodward and Paul McGuire. I read the blog of John McTernan. ALL these men BOLDLY state the scary facts: the U.S. had been taken over by "globalists" who PUSH for the "New Age" agenda--A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMY, AND ONE WORLD RELIGION. The "powers that be" mock and disparage ANYTHING concerning national sovereignty and rights of the individual. All of this is written in a BOOK OF MUCH HIGHER AUTHORITY--the Holy Scriptures. In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, we see today's movements detailed in chapters 13, 17 and 18. WE ARE AT THE TIME OF THE END.

I recommend Dave Hodges' website, and those of the others I've named (but NOT as a solid endorsement of all that I read there...we need to do our own research to confirm these things).  Dave Hodges, for instance, has recently offered "behind the scenes details" concerning the U.S. and China, citing information I've not seen anywhere else.  I know the man is a Christian who has done his research concerning the plans for a "New World Order"--AND concerning the progress of "Agenda 21" over the years (with an up-close and personal experience in fighting against the New World Order's diabolical plans in his home state of Arizona). Agenda 21 seeks to TAKE all American assets and make them THE PROPERTY of New World Order Government.  I consider WHAT he writes as FURTHER WARNING of the "perilous time" in which we live... 

And yet, at the same time, I emphasize that we must KEEP our MAIN FOCUS upon Jesus, and the AWESOME FACT of the IMMINENT Rapture. Praise God that OUR CITIZENSHIP is in heaven--from which we look for and anticipate the coming of our Lord.