Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'll include two posts I shared today over on my Facebook.  Both point to the very necessary need for Jesus in our lives, especially in this very dark and uncertain hour.  My prayer is that these words point you to the One who really matters, our precious Lord Jesus Christ.  BE BLESSED as we await our BLESSED HOPE!


The government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] provide for us. JESUS DOES.

Because accidents and disasters DO happen--the government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] protect us. JESUS DOES.

Because sickness and infirmities DO happen--the government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] heal and strengthen us. JESUS DOES.

The government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] provide for true safety for us. JESUS DOES.

The government cannot legislate SIN AWAY, and CANNOT deliver us from the ravages of sin. JESUS DOES.

The government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] give us true freedom. JESUS DOES.

Who would you rather have? The government or JESUS? The answer should be obvious!!!

The only course of the government should be to uphold laws for the benefit of mankind. THEY DON'T. THEY WANT CONTROL.

I'm so ready to see the glorious NEW HOME that Jesus GIVES to ALL of us who KNOW HIM PERSONALLY as Savior and Lord.

JESUS is NOT just a "religion".

Jesus IS a Resurrected Person, alive and glorious forevermore, and we have a special PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Him. He sent us the GIFT of the Holy Spirit to lead us and direct us into all truth, and that according to the unchanging holy Word of God in the scriptures.

Jesus talks to us, leads and guides us, and gives us PEACE. And we talk to Him...through prayer and conversation...EVERYDAY! He gives us HOPE.

Give glory and honor to Jesus forever. He died so that we can live eternally in the presence of Almighty God!

There is NOTHING BETTER in this world, then having a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the One Who created us and the world.


I just finished reading an article today, entitled: "AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE, 'PERFECT PICTURE OF TODAY'" by Joseph Chambers. As I read it, I recalled the lyrics of an old song, one I sang back in the 1970's:

"Come into the ARK, the sky grows dark, there's a storm called, 'God's Great Judgment Day'. From its fierce angry waves, in the ARK you'll be safe, come into the ARK today."

The time is NEAR! It is HERE! The SIGNS of "God's Great Judgment Day"--they appear all around us now. There's only ONE SURE WAY to be safe: IN JESUS CHRIST! Savior, Lord, Deliverer!!!!

HAVE YOU ASKED HIM TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS???--(because ALL have sinned and fallen short of God's glory). Agree that you've sinned and tell Jesus about it. He's waiting to hear from you. He holds out His arms, eager to forgive you.

HAVE YOU OPENED THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART, and INVITED Jesus to come LIVE inside you, so that you will be BORN AGAIN??? Jesus SAYS in this end time hour: "Behold, I stand at the door [to your heart], and knock: if any one hear My voice, and OPEN the door [inviting Him in], I will come in to him [Jesus says], and sup with him, and he with Me."

Have you heard him knocking? Do you feel Him there asking you? IF YOU DO, DELAY NO LONGER IN ACCEPTING HIM. TIME IS SO SHORT NOW.

Having FAITH [which is full trust] in the blood of Jesus--which cleansed you of sin--is the ONLY WAY to be found in the ARK of Jesus, kept from the hour of God's judgment that will come upon the world.

May I be able to call you "brother" or "sister" when we meet that the great BEMA seat at the feet of our Redeeming Lord! JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY!!! His safety is exemplified in THE ARK.

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