Monday, October 14, 2013


Today, two people asked questions, and this is the way I answered.  I share it in today's blog, because I think others might benefit from this discussion.


QUOTE:  "I was thinking on the 'peace and safety' phrase: WHO is saying it, and WHY? By that, I mean: where can we point to in the Bible that refers to this?...I thought it was the Jewish people proclaiming over a 'peace contract', but I'm not sure...What have your studies told you?"


First of all...WHY?

"Peace and safety" is STRONGLY DESIRED, and people say "peace and safety" all the time now, BECAUSE of the wars and rumors of war--AND the myriad of other troubles that are hitting.

WHO is saying "peace and safety"?

To answer that, I refer to THE CONTEXT of 1 Thessalonians.

1 Thessalonians 5 EXPANDS upon the message about the Rapture that was clearly taught in 1 Thessalonians 4. In the original manuscripts, there were NO chapter designations. That was something added later, and in this case, the division comes right in the middle of Paul writing about the Rapture.

So Paul continues, saying that the Church has no need of being "written to" about the times and seasons, implying that we should KNOW the times and seasons near the Rapture. We should KNOW the time and seasons just BEFORE the Rapture occurs.

Paul wrote that we, the Church, KNOW perfectly that THE DAY OF THE LORD [which is The Tribulation Period] will come upon the world as a thief in the night. The world will be BLIND to the approaching Tribulation--but the Church will KNOW that season.

It is THE WORLD that will be saying: "Peace and safety."

WORLD LEADERS indeed proclaim that we "must have peace and security"!!! THEY "say" it RIGHT NOW, all the time--happening AS we watch and listen. Too numerous to count!!!

This tells us two things: The start of the Tribulation is NEAR, and the Rapture MUST happen BEFORE the "time of Jacob's trouble" (the 70th Week of Daniel), according to the scriptures.

Paul backs that idea up by THE WAY he WORDED the message.

He said, "WHEN 'they' [the world] says 'Peace and safety' THEN "sudden destruction" (end time wars, and the Tribulation), will hit instead. That period of time will arrive like "travail upon a woman with child"--like a series of LABOR PAINS.

Speaking of labor pains, ISRAEL was reborn in TRAVAIL (labor pains) as stated in Isaiah 66:8--"...for as soon as Zion TRAVAILED, she brought forth her children" and Israel became a nation IN ONE DAY.

Therefore, I see TRAVAIL as "a building up" of SIGNS (which signal the time and season). This has INDEED been happening SINCE Israel became a nation.

So the times and seasons are known by the TRAVAIL, the birth pangs, which have been increasing in BOTH frequency and intensity ON THE EARTH RIGHT NOW--and CURRENTLY, these SIGNS are happening so hard and so fast, that we can barely keep abreast of them.

IN this time, when the world says "peace and safety", then the "sudden destruction" WILL come.

THEY [the world] will be caught in that SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.

But we, brethren, of the Church, will NOT be overtaken in it. That means the Rapture MUST happen BEFORE the sudden destruction of the DAY OF THE LORD. The Rapture must happen BEFORE the events of the Tribulation.

That's keeping the message in it's context.


QUOTE:  "HI, Sharon.....Do you see a major war, as in WW3 happening right before the Rapture or right after the Rapture or any major war BEFORE Armageddon.....and do you see GOG AND MAGOG as part of any pre-Armageddon conflict... and so I guess my question is, do you see more than just ONE FINAL WAR happening during the Trib/or right before.... This is something I have been wanting to know....and I haven't really heard it being directly addressed, so I was wondering what your opinion is on this???"

My stand is what God shows by His prophetic Word. There will be a SERIES of wars, some PRIOR TO, and SOME AFTER, the start of the Tribulation.

One war is most definitely Pre-Tribulation. This is commonly referred to as THE PSALM 83 WAR, which includ
es fulfilling Isaiah 17 (Syria), parts of Isaiah 19 (Egypt), the one chapter book of Obadiah, and also includes Jeremiah 49.

We see this war is Pre-Trib through Obadiah verse 15. "For the day of the Lord [Tribulation] is NEAR [not here] upon all the heathen: as you have done, it shall be done to you: your reward shall return upon your own head."

Will the Church be Raptured BEFORE this war, or will we SEE this war? I point out: NO PROPHECY MUST BE FULFILLED BEFORE THE RAPTURE. We can be caught up at ANY moment...the Rapture is ALWAYS IMMINENT. Jesus' said many times for us to WATCH, and that's what we MUST be doing as we go further into these end times.

We COULD "see" THE "START" OF THE PSALM 83 WAR...but that would also IMPLY that we MUST "see" EVENTS "leading up to that war" BEFORE we get Raptured. Well, WE DID see events on the VERY BRINK of that war...remember the Syria Crisis in September 2013? It didn't happen yet, and we were NOT Raptured either. That simply means we continue to WATCH, as Jesus instructed. WE MUST BE READY IN THIS HOUR!!! Jesus will catch us up in "a time" when we "think not"--and I say that means we'll be doing a regular daily activity, NOT consciously thinking about the Rapture, and in a SPLIT INSTANT, in the twinkling of an eye, we'll be IN THE AIR AND WITH THE LORD!

AFTER the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17/Obadiah War, the next one will be the Gog/Magog Invasion of Israel of Ezekiel 38-39. The timing of this "could be" PRIOR to the start of the Tribulation (or it "could be" at "the same time" as the RED HORSE SEAL of Revelation 6--at the very beginning of the Tribulation). I'm not dogmatic on either position.

The Church WILL BE Raptured PRIOR to this war, because it is IN THIS WAR that God will be dealing EXCEPTIONALLY with the nation of Israel (and not the Church). Also, IF this war coincides with the RED HORSE SEAL of Revelation 6, the Church is most definitely with Jesus at the Throne of God by then.

We must remember, too, that Antichrist will NOT bring peace to the whole world in the first half of the Tribulation. The "peace treaty" is WITH Israel, NOT the entire world. By the actions of RED HORSE SEAL, and of the PALE HORSE SEAL, also, wars WILL occur (plus other plagues) that KILL 1/4 of the world's population (that's about 1.75 BILLION people--a massive amount of death).

It's my belief that at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will be still waging war. That's when Daniel 11:40-45 will be fulfilled. The Antichrist will go into the "glorious land" of Israel at that time, and will SET his tabernacle [headquarters] between the TWO seas (the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea) on the Temple Mount as He WILL SIT in that Temple and DECLARE he is "god." [Some scholars see Daniel 11:40-45 fulfilled at the END OF THE TRIBULATION--just before Armageddon. I will not be dogmatic on either position. GOD KNOWS HIS TIMING.]

Yet another war is determined--the fulfillment of Antichrist's war against the Tribulation Saints. That occurs primarily in the First Half of the Tribulation--in SEAL FIVE, but includes the Last Half of the Tribulation, too. Revelation 7:14 says that these MARTYRED PEOPLE will come out of the GREAT TRIBULATION--WHICH IS INDEED the Last Half of the Tribulation.

Revelation 12 gives yet another picture of a war. Antichrist (with Satan) will make war against Israel (and Zechariah 13:9 says 2/3 of Israel will die). The believing 1/3 remnant in Israel will NEED TO FLEE to the Wilderness (Bozrah, Petra) where God will protect them.

There will be a war IN HEAVEN, too. Michael and his angels will fight against Satan and his angels, and Satan's crew will be cast onto the earth, where they will wreak havoc. This is shown in Revelation 9, Revelation 12 and 13--Antichrist will be "the seed of Satan"--as is indicated by Genesis 3:15.

The next war will be Armageddon itself (or the STAGING for that war). Antichrist and his followers will go there, as will "also go" the KINGS OF THE EAST (China, India, Japan--the orient). This all-out war will be STOPPED as Jesus returns--to set His feet on the Mount of Olives, which will split in half, and all the islands will disappear, the mountains will fall flat, and giant hail will fall from heaven--as recorded in Revelation 16:17-21. [I believe the 7th bowl "coincides" with Jesus coming on His white horse, and the glorified Church returns WITH Him on white horses, too.]

There's yet ONE MORE WAR--one which many people forget. It is Gog/Magog PART TWO at the END of the 1000 year reign of Jesus on the earth. Satan will be released for a brief season, and he will stir up sinful, rebellious hearts in a FINAL ATTEMPT to usurp Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. That rebellion will be instant squelched by the Lord.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


[I share this because I've read the comments from many of my friends who express the same things. There's a sense of oppression in the air (the fruit of the enemy), but there's also an exhilarating sense of excitement (the joy of the Lord)!]

I wrote part of this in my journal this morning, and expanded upon it now in order to share:

I'm sure IMPATIENT for Jesus to Rapture His own!

I get sicker of this world, and all its hassles, every day. I could hide in the deepest forest, and still the hassles would search out my front door. That's because the enemy knows where I go, and everywhere I am, plus that ugly sin nature inside follows me there, too.

I long for a release from this! ONLY being with Jesus in a new glorified body will grant me that...and day by day, I wonder "How much longer Lord?"

I LIVE by the Word of God. IF other people DID THE SAME, there would certainly be less uproar in this world! BUT, that would also mean the time would NOT be so near, either, for Jesus' return...

INSTEAD, the whole world IS in an UPROAR, even the ground itself (and the mountain peaks, too), SHAKE in upheavals! Militant Islam butchers people; bombs blast; rifles fire; rockets explode. Bloody bodies lie in turbulent streets.

The United States is in a state of restless agitation. Disgruntled people everywhere. Hated. Greed. Bitterness. Even "Christians" backbite each other without a qualm. Crime are exploding. Protests are staged. While on the TV and Internet, yammering and arguments seethe. No peace! Plenty of strife. WHEN WILL ALL OF THIS END?

Along with all the roiling turmoil, God and His Word are mocked and scoffed. AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM!

A satanic, antichrist spirit prevails. Oppression crushes one down. It's an unending battle to NOT become discouraged.

Evil is so strong on the earth, that it can actually be FELT. Many Christians, me included, SENSE this. It comes as a heavy distressing weight and a foreboding of approaching doom. I believe we FEEL this because the Tribulation period [that time of pressure, trouble and affliction] is soon to be truly manifest upon the earth.


Several days ago, I had a fleeting impression [not a vision, not a thought], but a sense of KNOWING. The dividing line between dimensions appeared as thin as a piece of tissue paper. On the other side of that membrane, leathery entities sought to break through, beaks and wings battering the tissue, seeking access to our physical world. The membrane rippled, but did it not tear. The wicked beings could NOT gain access because the RESTRAINER held them back.

But as soon as the RESTRAINER is "taken out of the way", the membrane will rip, and that satanic horde of fallen angels will FLOOD the earth. IF WE THINK THE WORLD RIGHT NOW IS INSANE, CHAOTIC AND EVIL, WHEN THE RESTRAINER IS REMOVED, "ALL HELL" WILL CERTAINLY BREAK LOOSE.

My sense of impending doom is IN RELATION to that NIGHTMARISH spiritual reality. It's NOT here yet, but it IS indeed near. I BELIEVE GOD GAVE ME THAT IMPRESSION FOR THE PURPOSE OF ME SHARING A WATCHMAN'S WARNING.

All is NOT gloom and doom, however! The other side of the coin is THE JOY of KNOWING the Lord Jesus Christ. ONLY HE CAN SAVE US FROM THE JUDGMENTS WHICH ARE BEING PREPARED. Bible prophecy, concerning the end times, WILL INDEED be fulfilled. BUT ALSO JESUS WILL "KEEP HIS WORD OF PROMISE" TO A FAITHFUL, OBEDIENT AND TRUE CHURCH!

He said to us in the Words spoken to His disciples (during that private meeting in the Upper Room, just prior to His Crucifixion, Resurrection and the GIVING of "the Comforter", the Holy Spirit--in which His Church was birthed). He declared with all authority, to those FIRST ones to enter His Church:

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in Me. In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back to take you to be with Me, that you may also be where I am."~~John 14:1-3.

He also spoke a direct promise to the FAITHFUL Church of Philadelphia, who have only a little strength [are few in number], but who KEEP His Word and have NOT DENIED His name. He declares with authority:

"Because you have kept the word of My patience, I also will KEEP you FROM the HOUR of temptation, which shall come UPON ALL THE WORLD, to try them that DWELL UPON THE EARTH."~~Revelation 3:10.


Jesus then revealed Himself personally to the Apostle Paul, and gave that man this FURTHER revelation. To Paul, Jesus declared with authority:

"For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words."--1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.

THE THOUGHT OF BEING IN THE TRIBULATION DOES NOT BRING A PERSON COMFORT. I just describe in detail what THE CURRENT WORLD FEEL LIKE, and it's NOT NICE. The TRIBULATION will be thousands of times WORSE. It is NO comforting thought!

These PROMISES are WHY, as the world becomes so dark and threatening, we Christians are able to LIFT OUR HEADS IN JOY. We KNOW our Lord is SO SOON to appear. We have His assurance that we will be WITH HIM in glory, VIA a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, BEFORE the judgments and wrath of God come upon the whole world to test them who dwell upon the earth.

We KNOW this time is near, by reading from 1 Thessalonians 5:3-6:

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon THEM, as travail upon a woman with child; and THEY shall NOT escape. But YOU, brethren [of the Church], are NOT in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. You are all the children of light, and the children of the day: WE are NOT of the night, NOR of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober."

Yes, let us watch and be sober. WATCH for the SIGNS that indicate the time is near. Be sober so that we pay attention! WATCH! BE READY!

Our Lord indeed will arrive suddenly, quickly. We know NOT the day or the hour, but by the SIGNS (some of them which I shared above), we KNOW the hour is NEAR, and indeed could occur in the VERY NEXT INSTANT.

That's WHY, even in the midst of gloom, doom, atrocities, wickedness, insanity and bestiality, WE CAN LIFT OUR FACES IN JOY. Jesus HIMSELF gives us this HOPE and PEACE. And as we SEEK Him (when the weight of the world presses upon us), He buoys us up and gives us confidence in the very midst of darkness. I KNOW! He's done this countless times as I fulfill the task of Watchman.

Now, let's turn to the very LAST PROMISE recorded in the Bible, where we read:

"He [Jesus] which testifies these things SAYS, 'Surely, I come QUICKLY.' [And we reply] 'AMEN. EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS.'"

That's why we can REJOICE as the world around us darkens, and while evildoers hold such sway.

I hope this message has UPLIFTED and STRENGTHENED you. It sure brought me up and away from a downcast spirit!


Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'll include two posts I shared today over on my Facebook.  Both point to the very necessary need for Jesus in our lives, especially in this very dark and uncertain hour.  My prayer is that these words point you to the One who really matters, our precious Lord Jesus Christ.  BE BLESSED as we await our BLESSED HOPE!


The government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] provide for us. JESUS DOES.

Because accidents and disasters DO happen--the government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] protect us. JESUS DOES.

Because sickness and infirmities DO happen--the government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] heal and strengthen us. JESUS DOES.

The government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] provide for true safety for us. JESUS DOES.

The government cannot legislate SIN AWAY, and CANNOT deliver us from the ravages of sin. JESUS DOES.

The government DOES NOT [AND CANNOT] give us true freedom. JESUS DOES.

Who would you rather have? The government or JESUS? The answer should be obvious!!!

The only course of the government should be to uphold laws for the benefit of mankind. THEY DON'T. THEY WANT CONTROL.

I'm so ready to see the glorious NEW HOME that Jesus GIVES to ALL of us who KNOW HIM PERSONALLY as Savior and Lord.

JESUS is NOT just a "religion".

Jesus IS a Resurrected Person, alive and glorious forevermore, and we have a special PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Him. He sent us the GIFT of the Holy Spirit to lead us and direct us into all truth, and that according to the unchanging holy Word of God in the scriptures.

Jesus talks to us, leads and guides us, and gives us PEACE. And we talk to Him...through prayer and conversation...EVERYDAY! He gives us HOPE.

Give glory and honor to Jesus forever. He died so that we can live eternally in the presence of Almighty God!

There is NOTHING BETTER in this world, then having a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the One Who created us and the world.


I just finished reading an article today, entitled: "AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE, 'PERFECT PICTURE OF TODAY'" by Joseph Chambers. As I read it, I recalled the lyrics of an old song, one I sang back in the 1970's:

"Come into the ARK, the sky grows dark, there's a storm called, 'God's Great Judgment Day'. From its fierce angry waves, in the ARK you'll be safe, come into the ARK today."

The time is NEAR! It is HERE! The SIGNS of "God's Great Judgment Day"--they appear all around us now. There's only ONE SURE WAY to be safe: IN JESUS CHRIST! Savior, Lord, Deliverer!!!!

HAVE YOU ASKED HIM TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS???--(because ALL have sinned and fallen short of God's glory). Agree that you've sinned and tell Jesus about it. He's waiting to hear from you. He holds out His arms, eager to forgive you.

HAVE YOU OPENED THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART, and INVITED Jesus to come LIVE inside you, so that you will be BORN AGAIN??? Jesus SAYS in this end time hour: "Behold, I stand at the door [to your heart], and knock: if any one hear My voice, and OPEN the door [inviting Him in], I will come in to him [Jesus says], and sup with him, and he with Me."

Have you heard him knocking? Do you feel Him there asking you? IF YOU DO, DELAY NO LONGER IN ACCEPTING HIM. TIME IS SO SHORT NOW.

Having FAITH [which is full trust] in the blood of Jesus--which cleansed you of sin--is the ONLY WAY to be found in the ARK of Jesus, kept from the hour of God's judgment that will come upon the world.

May I be able to call you "brother" or "sister" when we meet that the great BEMA seat at the feet of our Redeeming Lord! JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY!!! His safety is exemplified in THE ARK.