Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This exhortation was written in response to an article (several weeks ago) which said that Obama and his cohorts want to repeal the 22nd Amendment so that Obama can have a third term in office.  And I replied:

I think it "goes Obama's way" because we're at the very time of the end. Obama, with his "Anti-American" policies, is himself A JUDGMENT upon the United States from the hand of God. Furthermore, the world (including America) is destined FURTHER for the judgments of God which WILL HIT HARD under Antichrist in the Tribulation (a most intense time of tyranny).

That is NOT the only thing Obama is doing.  He's a human wrecking ball, placed into his position of power by "the elitists" who control him (those at the TOP of the Pyramid--as depicted on our one dollar bill).  Obama is in his place to TAKE DOWN the Constitution of the U.S.A. (that is: what's left of it which is NOT already in tatters!).  He's working hard on removing the 2nd Amendment and wants STIFF gun laws put into place.  (You see, they CAN'T CONTROL a populace that is ARMED!)  They also want control of the Middle East (that bugaboo of violence and a roiling pot of Islamic and Jewish ideologies).  Gaining control in the Middle East, and setting up their BANKING HOUSES, they will HAVE THE OIL and ALL THE MONEY that flows WITH that OIL).  You see, those at the TOP of the Pyramid are the ones who are REALLY running "the world's show" RIGHT NOW (and have been for centuries) as they seek every day to bring the world nearer to their envisioned New World Order:  the One World Government (Region #1--headed by "the New Atlantis"--the reformed U.S.A.--and its "king"--one of 10 who are to come, according to the plans of THE CLUB OF ROME), the One World Economy (with a brand new currency--the dollar TOSSED into the trash can), and the One World Religion (headed by the Papacy out of the Vatican, but including every Babylonian form of religion there is, also called the New Age Movement).  The New World Order will be a Antichrist "paradise" of "enlightened humans" in cahoots with the "old gods" (like the ones that were present at the Tower of Babel).  Paradise on earth???  NO!!!  It will be flat out HELL ON EARTH!!!  ...For the prophesied "seven years" that we call the Tribulation.

I don't want to be here for that!  I don't supposed you want to be here either. 

Because Amos 5:18-20 states, "Woe unto you that desire THE DAY OF THE LORD! [the "indignation", the fierce wrath of God, "THE Tribulation--the Great One"...all SEVEN years of it!]  To what end is it for you?  THE DAY OF THE LORD is darkness, and NOT light.  [With troubles and frustrations]...As if a man did FLEE from a lion, and a bear MET him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on a wall ["Whew! I escaped that one!"], AND a serpent BIT him.  Shall not THE DAY OF THE LORD be darkness, and NOT light?  Even VERY DARK, and NO brightness in it?"

Jesus says in Luke 4:19--[that He IS come, A GIFT of God, the GRACE of God]..."To preach the ACCEPTABLE YEAR of the Lord."..."And He closed the book [Isaiah], ending His statement at a COMMA which has now lasted around 2000 years!

The next phrase in that passage is found in Isaiah 61:2 (the second phrase in that verse)..."AND THE DAY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOD."

Jesus did NOT speak that particular phrase at His first coming, because VENGEANCE was NOT part of His mission then.  But IN the events of His Second Coming, VENGEANCE "will be" the PRIMARY PART of His mission.  That COMMA has separated the ACCEPTABLE YEAR of the Lord FROM the DAY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOD, and has DONE SO for the entire dispensation [administration] of the Church.  YES THERE IS A DISPENSATION OF THE GRACE OF GOD, IN THE CHURCH!  Ephesians 3:2 and Colossians 1:25-27--WHICH IS CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY!

WHEN does Jesus bring for THE DAY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOD?  When the Church RECEIVES REST from its work!

2 Thessalonians 1:7-8--"And to you [Church] who are troubled REST WITH US [the Apostles], WHEN [at that time] the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels [See all of Revelation 6 to 19 for that time], in FLAMING FIRE TAKING VENGEANCE UPON THEM that KNOW NOT God, and OBEY NOT the gospel of our Lord Jesus."

That takes care of the VENGEANCE and WHEN it will occur. 

Rest assured...the Church is NOT appointed to that time:  Romans 5:9, 1 Thessalonians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10, and Revelation 3:10 [the promise to a TRUE, FAITHFUL and HOLY Church, MADE that way through HOLDING FAST TO THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF THE WORD OF GOD--which includes Ephesians 2:8-10].

"For by GRACE [in the dispensation/administration of grace] are you SAVED through FAITH; and that NOT of yourselves [not fleshly-effort, but by the POWER of the Holy Spirit]:  IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD [grace, again].  NOT of works, lest any man should boast.  [But we DO INDEED have works ordained by God for us to walk in them!]  For we ARE HIS WORKMANSHIP, CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS [by His anointing] unto good works, which God has BEFORE ORDAINED that we should walk in them."  [In other words, we DO the WORKS ordained by God as we abide IN JESUS, and RELY upon the POWER of the Holy Spirit Who dwells in us.]

As we see the world grow darker and more wicked as the planned New World Order approaches, the GOOD NEWS for "Born Again" Christians is that this world is NOT our home--our true citizenship is in heaven with Jesus. Another facet of GOOD NEWS is that "Born Again" Christians are NOT APPOINTED to the WRATH of God, but will be delivered FROM such wrath by the Rapture, when Jesus CALLS HIS OWN to "COME UP HERE"--to dwell with Him in our promised MANSIONS, while THE INDIGNATION is poured out upon these who do not love God and who have rejected the Gospel message.  Isaiah 26:19-20, Zephaniah 2:2-3,  Malachi 3:16-18, 1 Corinthians 15:51-53, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8. Revelation 4:1 (a Rapture type and symbol).  There's also these passages showing a Church RETURNING WITH JESUS after the Tribulation period is over:  Zechariah 14:5 (the last phrase in that verse), Jude 14, and Revelation 19:14 (a Church with the very same white garments given to it in Revelation 19:7-8).

TIME IS SO SHORT NOW...the iniquity upon the earth is FULL and rampant...and God is going to judge it. But for true Christians who trust in Jesus, LOOK UP, OUR REDEMPTION IS NEAR.

ALSO NOTE--I don't think any one can pinpoint exactly WHO the Antichrist will be on this side of the Rapture! The man will be revealed AFTER the Church is gone.

That said, I do believe America has been warned and warned by God--through internal attack of enemie
s (9-11), extreme storms, economic downturn after downturn, and falling over that fiscal cliff (several times actually--which "they" pretended to avoid through shenanigans and politicking). We see "them" ignore and mock the Constitution, too. So many warnings are in front of us--and STILL the people go blindly on AS IF this is nothing, and "they" expect the country to be restored to what it used to be.  NOT HAPPENING, FOLKS! 

Sorry, about that, but I DON'T EXPECT a recovery.

The nation will go on like it has for decades on end, each year worsening, until the populace cries out for a "savior".  I feel like I'm living in "The Twilight Zone" right now!!!  

How can people be so blind?  They're so busy celebrating, partying, buying and selling, being entertained (See Luke 17:26-30)...and on and on it goes...just as if there's NO END in sight???  I SEE THE END--AND IT'S COMING FASTER THAN A RUNAWAY FREIGHT TRAIN. Why can't others SEE it, too?

Oh, yes!  I KNOW THE ANSWER!  Politicians (who lie) TELL the people that we just "avoided the cliff". These LYING leaders promise: "Better days are coming." Democrats and Republicans keep up THE CHARADE that's been played for decades:   liberals against conservatives, left against right, white against black, Christians against progressives, over and over.  And WHILE all this happens, the New World Order is being set up, inch by inch--and NOW, it's mile by mile--AND a tyranny which will bring unspeakable evils is on the VERY HORIZON.

God is mocked. The Bible is scorned. Evolution is believed. And a glorious "new age" is on the horizon--that is, IF "they" can silence and eliminate the "sticks-in-the-mud" that oppose what "they" do!  Oh, that's right!  The "sticks-in-the-mud" are MUCH WORSE than that!  We are RADICALS, FANATICS and TERRORISTS!  [I also can see guillotines on the horizon--killing as prophesied in Revelation 13:15 and Revelation 20:4.]  This won't happen to the BLOOD-BOUGHT Body of Christ, the Church, the ekklessia, the called-out assembly.  [BUT it WILL happen to those poor souls who are NOT READY,  who GET LEFT BEHIND, who find themselves living Amos 5:19, and then REPENT and ACCEPT Jesus--after it's TOO LATE TO ENTER THE CHURCH.]


Where do WE EACH stand with God? Are we FOR Him--or AGAINST Him? Have we ACCEPTED Jesus as personal Savior and Lord? Do we BELIEVE God will take care of us as He promised to do in His Word? (In this perilous time, we MUST have our focus upon what God tells us in His Word.) Do we ABHOR evils like abortion and same sex marriages LIKE God ABHORS them, or do we float along with society and say, "If it's okay with "them", it's okay with me"? Do we COMPROMISE on every hand, or STAND on what God decrees--where ARE we? Do we SUPPORT Israel, the "apple of God's eye"--or do we GO ALONG with the flow--and LET "antisemitism" darken our hearts? Do we REALLY believe Jesus is coming soon? And ARE we ready???

The END IS upon us! There's NO doubt about that! Jesus IS coming, and it will be sudden--and is ALWAYS imminent (at any time). That is our BLESSED HOPE.

However, we don't know "how much" TROUBLE, SUFFERING, POVERTY or PERSECUTION may hit us before the Rapture!!! We MUST be prepared in our hearts with God's provision declared in His Word...because IF we are NOT strong in His Word in this hour, we may suffer severely for it.

And those who are weak in their WORD LIFE (who know or understand VERY LITTLE about the Bible) must be closely UNITED to THOSE OF US who have studied the Bible extensively and who hear directly from God by His Spirit. Therefore, we can stand together IN FAITH and HELP each other as the days grow darker. AND SINCE GOD IS WITH US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?

HERE'S SOMETHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT:  What IS the judgment that must BEGIN at the house of God?
1 Peter 4:17--"For the time is come that judgment must BEGIN at the house of God: and if it first BEGIN at us, what shall THE END be of them that obey NOT the gospel of God?"

In this hour--that is ONE serious verse!!!

What does it mean?

ONE: We'd bett
er discern "the intents" of our own hearts, and honestly, in THE LIGHT of what God says in His Word. We must DISCERN (within us) what is right and what is wrong--and if there's WRONG in us, REPENT.

That's what it means:  TO JUDGE our own selves according to the standard of the Word and to then ALIGN ourselves WITH what God proclaims. It is A DEEP repentance AND a WILLINGNESS to follow what God says. NOT our own opinions. NOT what society says. NOT what a politician declares. BUT WHAT GOD SAYS!!!

Thank God, we have the shed blood of Jesus. By our faith in Him we are justified (declared not guilty) AND we're righteous. Romans 5:1 and 2 Corinthians 5:21. The foundation of our cleansing and being made WHOLE--into a "new creature"--lies IN the sacrifice Jesus made FOR US.

But we DO sin and fall short, even still, because our flesh STILL HAS that sin nature resident in us. So what is the answer for that??? CONFESSION. Admitting we "blew it". 1 John 1:9--"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness."

So we must WALK in a "day by day" confession and cleansing, so that our righteous garments are NOT spotted and blemished with THE DIRT of our own sinful flesh and THE CORRUPTION from the world around us.

TWO: We look at the letters to the Churches in the book of Revelation (chapters two and three). Jesus points out various errors in five these Churches and gives the call to REPENT. If there is NO repentance, there IS a consequence. (I believe this is where the TRUE BELIEVERS in the Churches are separated from the ones who "are Christian in name only", and who only give "lip service to God" while their hearts "remain far" from Him.

Jesus calls for repentance of (1) "losing our first love"; (2) from mixing Christian doctrines with a worldly view (as Balaam did--the two can't be mixed); (3) from letting false religions BLEND with Bible doctrine and for believing in "the lies" of the Jezebel (a false prophetess in the Church--a picture of the Papal system and its MYSTERY RELIGION falsehoods); (4) from being DEAD (think of the "Pharisees" for this one).  Being DEAD is to be OUTWARDLY "religious" with NO LIFE of the Holy Spirit inside, and NO BORN AGAIN condition of the heart; (5) and from being LUKEWARM (compromised, apostasized, apathetic, self-satisfied, self-sufficient, feeling rich and in need of nothing).

Jesus says to REPENT of ALL these things (if they are in our lives). To repent is to TURN AWAY from those errors, and to embrace Jesus, and the TRUTH in God's Word. WE ARE TO "AGAPE" JESUS--LOVING HIM WITH THE LOVE HIS "GIVES US" TO LOVE WITH...  WE ARE TO LOVE OTHERS UNCONDITIONALLY--"WITH THE LOVE [Agape] OF JESUS"...  IN LOVING JESUS [WITH AGAPE] WE FOLLOW HIM, WE HEAR HIS VOICE, AND WE'LL NOT WANDER AWAY.

To recognize where we fall short, and repent, IS to JUDGE "our own actions" by the STANDARD of God's Word, and once we JUDGE anything be out of God's WILL, we turn away from it. Judgment MUST begin at the house of God!

If we do NOT repent, GOD HIMSELF will judge! Those who "are Christian in name only" will be cast into the Tribulation--and that is HOW the TRUE in the Church will be separated from the FALSE.

Judgment will begin at the house of God--and then the full WRATH of God will be poured out against all Christ rejectors during the Tribulation.

This is a SERIOUS TIME in which we live. A time to consider our walk with Jesus and to make sure we are TRULY FOR HIM.

I'm NOT trying to be HARSH with this exhortation. But I AM PASSIONATE. I see huge troubles coming. We MUST be prepared as God works in each of our lives.

This statement is NOT intended to promote fear. Far from it. I pray that it cause a sense of DETERMINATION and ZEAL for God and ACTIVE HEART FAITH so that we WALK in the THE WAY He has provided through His Holy Word.

IN JESUS!  THIS IS THE "ONLY WAY" IN WHICH WE CAN FACE THIS END TIME WORLD. Seek Jesus NOW with all of our hearts. PRAY. DON'T BE AFRAID. PREPARE (especially spiritually; plus physically and materially as the Lord shows each of us).


Keep looking up, for our redemption draws near.

And nurture THE BLESSED HOPE of the soon appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you. (And pray with me, "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus")

Let us all be ready WHEN He comes...He is coming shortly!

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