Monday, September 16, 2013


SIGNS ON THE EARTH (like a huge increase in VOLCANOES), and from the heavens (like when LIGHTNING hit the Vatican when Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned--remember that???)

Luke 21:11--Jesus said, (giving the signs of the end) "And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines, and pestilences; and FEARFUL SIGHTS AND GREAT SIGNS SHALL THERE BE FROM HEAVEN."

Luke 21:25--Jesus said, (giving more signs of the end) "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring."


JESUS IS COMING SOON (believe it or not).

I don't need "to imagine" any "worse things" happening upon the world's scene... Every day the news TEEMS with SIGNS which point to the soon appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's right in our faces and it's NOT anyone's imagination:

Distress of nations, love of many waxing cold (how can people abuse their children or elders or ANY of the HELPLESS--yet they do), violence (murders, rapes, cannibal attacks, craziness, shootings in theaters and schools, the Boston Marathon bombings, shooters on a spree TODAY--Sept 16, 2013--in a Navy yard in D.C.), wars and rumors of wars (especially in the Middle East, with the EXACT nations prophesied NOW in place to fulfill what God declared thousands of years ago), volcanoes (like have never fired off in such numbers before--the last I've heard--around 60 [or more] eruptions so far this year), meteors and fireballs, close fly-bys of asteroids, false teachers and false prophets, extreme and abnormal weather, the corruption of society and iniquity abounding--that reads exactly like what's recorded in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 (and in my 69 years, I've never seen such societal decay and upheaval as there is right now), new diseases and pestilences, the sea and the waves roaring, increasing persecution (especially in predominently Muslim countries, beheadings and atrocities too horrible to mention), days increasingly like those before the Flood in Noah's Days, and in the days of Lot (like what occurred in Sodom and Gomorrah--no need to elaborate for we KNOW what that entailed), then add to all these the earthquakes (which Jesus said would be occurring in diverse places--and they are)...flooding in Colorado, wildfires all over the western U.S., extreme cold, extreme heat, flooding or drought, violent tornadoes, downpours of rains, and lightning storms of increasing power and discharge...on and on it goes.

Jesus said that when we see ALL these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up and lift up our heads, because our redemption (the receiving of our glorified bodies--as expressed in Romans 8:23) DRAWS NEAR (the Rapture of the Church is IMMINENT).

The days we see NOW are NOTHING like what has occurred in the past. There's just too many SIGNS showing up ALL at once. They're overwhelming manifestations in this hour that PROVES the truth of God's Word. JESUS TRULY IS COMING SOON.

This generation, those who were alive WHEN Israel was reborn as a nation (1948) shall NOT pass UNTIL ALL the events involved in the Second Coming of Jesus comes to pass--which starts with the promised Rapture of the Church, and that Rapture is IMMINENT.

A BRIEF REVIEW OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED FROM 2008 TO NOW--IN 2013 (if I pursued research and made a complete list, it would be pages and pages long (like the lists of massive animal deaths that we see from time to time).

I've been wanting to draw up a list of "huge" events, naming them year by year. I'll see how many things that I can remember "off the top of my head":

I could start in 2008 with the economic meltdown and the election of Barack Obama.

You see, I was a "Watchman" who had watched carefully through the 70's, 80's and 90's, and who had thought Jesus was coming at ANY what I could SEE happening in the world (especially at the time of the Yom Kippur War in 1973). But after 2000 came and passed, I stopped watching--for a season, because I started to figure that I'd be a "really old lady" before Jesus finally returned to TRANSLATE His Church, AND give to me what I had "heard Him promise" PERSONALLY to me in 1973--to be alive at the Rapture.

In 2008, I knew we had entered the FINAL HOURS!

In 2009, I lost all my political enthusiasm and activism--because NO MATTER how hard the American people protested, Obamacare passed anyway--and THROUGH THE ACT of such "an obvious" unconstitutional and deceptive method!

2010 brought the massive earthquake in Haiti, the Gulf Oil disaster, and the massive Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland (remember the grounded airliners?)----by recalling things impromptu like this, I think I'm forgetting something of equal importance.

2011 brought "Snowmageddon" in Washington, D.C. (I believe)--the Groundhog day blizzard; the 8.8 Magnitude earthquake in Conception, Chile in February; the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake also in February; the terrific 9.0 earthquake in Japan on March 11, WITH the engulfing tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear reactor blow-up and meltdown; in the Middle East "Arab Spring" began and escalated; a huge tornado ravaged Tuscaloosa, Alabama; a massive EF-5 tornado leveled Joplin, Missouri; Hurricane Irene in August; another earthquake in New Zealand in September of 7.1 Magnitude; an early and heavy snow on Halloween; (plus the craziness over Comet Elenin--who could forget that?--it taught us to be more discerning of what we see posted). On New Year's Eve, the mass animal die-offs began catching attention and obviously accelerated into 2012.

2012--the year of the Mayan calendar bru-haha. Massive deaths of animals continued; wildfires scorched Colorado; a terrific drought scorched the American Midwest; -- (and I know I'm forgetting many events).... Let's see: There were wars in the Middle East that drew much attention. Obama began signing laws and regulations (like NDAA), most of them by EO, in which control can be established over the American people by the government. Cannibalistic attacks began popping up all over. The shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, the Northeast. Then there was the attack on the Embassy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012--eleven years after the main 9/11. The re-election of Obama soon followed, (and "I think" the man will be the last U.S. President--my opinion). A shooting in a mall at Christmas shopping-time in Portland, Oregon. Then the atrocious Sandy Hook school shooting. The government quickly moved, following the shooting, to take "guns rights" away from the American people.

As I come to 2013, there's been so much happening on a daily basis that I cannot keep abreast of all of it! The PANstarrs comet; a massive meteor exploded over Russia; the closest fly-by of an asteroid ever detected; huge earthquakes all around the Pacific Ring of fire; 55 volcanic eruptions, so far, this year; more tallies of the massive deaths of animals; the bombing at the Boston Marathon; a flu pandemic in China; a big earthquake in Iran; wars and rumors of war on a daily basis; 5 major crimes surfacing in the Obama Administration to be investigated; the EF-F tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma;  massive wildfires in the western U.S. (19 firefighters killed in an Arizona conflagration, Sun Valley, Idaho burns and the Yosemite rim, California runs rampant); WARM DRUMS in the Middle East--a planned retaliation upon Syria's Assad for reportedly using chemical weapon against his own people (crisis ONGOING with Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 at the brink), Russia's Putin becoming involved (Gog/Magog rising), Obama looking weak and an embarrassment to the U.S. (just like the wimpy protest also described in Ezekiel 38-39 concerning the "young lions of Tarshish) and the list will go on and on--until, at last, Jesus will come to receive His own to Himself and take us to those mansions in His Father's house....

After the Rapture, "all hell" will break loose on this planet! Bible prophecies--written about end time wars, the Tribulation, the arrival of Antichrist and fallen angels will be fulfilled, just like God has declared in His Word.


Repent, and trust in the shed blood of Jesus, which cleanses from ALL sin, and THROUGH WHICH God will JUSTIFY--declaring the believer "NOT GUILTY" when He sees the blood of His Son--in which the person has placed full confidence.

Jesus says, I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE; no one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6.

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12.



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  1. Hello. My name is Robert William Haddock...i've been writing a lot of poetry since i was a young man and have recently tried to translate certain scripture passages into rhyme and meter.
    just wanted to share this with you from Revelation chapter 1.

    Revelation 1:1-
    straight from the Father revealed to His Son
    Jesus revealed some of it to Saint John
    Blessed is he who would read what John wrote
    (i did not make that one up it's a quote)
    heed these descriptions the time is at hand
    to all Seven Churches across every land
    Grace be to you also Peace straight from Him
    Grace even granted by two Seraphim
    also does Christ our great Witness send Love
    He who did wash all our sins in His Blood
    Jesus has also made Kings and has Priests
    serving His Father may His Praise not cease
    He'll come upon clouds so that all may then see
    wailing and howling the masses will be
    Alpha Omega Beginning and End
    none can My actions against them defend
    I Am right now and I Was way back then
    certainly Futures I'll surely be in
    John, Jesus' Brother, was chosen to write
    all he did witness with Spiritual Sight
    somewhere in Patmos Saint John heard a Call
    blasts of a Trumpet, a Voice, and then saw
    seven gold Candlesticks circled a Man
    robed with a garment in which He did stand...