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The two-edged sword is a POWERFUL concept, defined by a number of other scriptures.  These include an end time application involving Jesus’ second coming--and also, a spiritual weapon (part of the armor of the Christian).

Revelation 1:16--“And He had in His right hand seven stars: and out of HIS MOUTH went a SHARP TWO-EDGED SWORD:  and His countenance was as the sun shines in his strength.”

What is this odd picture of Jesus?  Why does He have a sharp two-edged sword protruding from His mouth?  First of all, we must understand that this is NOT a literal sword.

Some artists have painted pictures of a white-haired, flaming-eyed Jesus, Who has that sword extending from His mouth--as if it were some type of long tongue.  The paintings are grotesque!  We must dig much deeper than the LITERAL PICTURE portrayed by Revelation’s vision of Jesus.  Many awesome spiritual TRUTHS lie UNDERNEATH this unusual description.

What is the sword?

It’s the WORD OF GOD, the Holy Scriptures. The sword in the MOUTH of Jesus is THE VERY WORD OF GOD which He SPEAKS in POWER and AUTHORITY.  His WORD is TRUTH!  It also shows the SEPARATION of RIGHT from WRONG, the DISCERNMENT between GOOD and EVIL.

Let’s look at Isaiah 49:2.  Here we see THE SWORD--a parallel which supports what is shown in Revelation.

“And He hath made MY MOUTH like a sharp sword…”

Hebrews 4:12 gives the EXACT DEFINITION of the "SWORD."

“For THE WORD OF GOD is QUICK and POWERFUL, and SHARPER than any TWO-EDGED SWORD, piercing even to the DIVIDING ASUNDER of SOUL and SPIRIT, and of the of joints and marrow, and is a DISCERNER of THOUGHTS and INTENTS of the heart.”

The WORD OF GOD pierces like a SHARP TWO-EDGED SWORD.  It’s QUICK (alive) and POWERFUL (active).  THE USE of GOD’S WORD will produce the RIGHT and CORRECT results.

The SHARP TWO-EDGED SWORD is NOT used in a swishing side to side motion--which leaves open cuts and gashes.  Instead, the SWORD (the WORD) PIERCES, which means the blade is thrust powerfully forward, penetrating to the deep inner core.  As the WORD OF GOD pierces, it DIVIDES ASUNDER, separates and spreads apart. This means the souls and spirits of people are divided asunder.

The soul is the MIND REALM which includes thoughts and intellect, the WILL which is the ability to make decisions, and the EMOTIONS which are POWERFUL FEELINGS--love, anger, jealousy, joy, grief, and a whole range of others.  People’s minds, elsewhere in scripture, are said to be HOSTILE TO GOD.  Romans 8:7.  Often, what we THINK and FEEL is NOT true, which leads us to MAKE DECISIONS which are NOT right.

THE WORD OF GOD separates the SOUL realm from the SPIRIT realm (the SPIRIT is that part of us which has the ABILITY to be joined to God, and to COMMUNE with Him).  In separating our wrong thinking and feelings, THE WORD shows us THE TRUTH, and gives us the ABILITY to MAKE CHOICES which are IN LINE WITH God’s TRUTH.  Our SOULS and THE SPIRITUAL are separated, and we’re able to CORRECTLY UNDERSTAND by use of the MIGHTY SWORD--GOD’S WORD.

The SWORD comes from Jesus’ MOUTH.  But we Christians, as THE BODY OF CHRIST, are given SWORDS as part of our armor for SPIRITUAL WARFARE, too.  We wrestle NOT ONLY with our flesh--and our incorrect thinking processes.  We FACE a hostile enemy, the forces of Satan and his legions of evil angels.  In that battle, we are NOT left defenseless. (Please read Ephesians 6:10-18 for the ENTIRE ARMOR.)

Most of our ARMOR is given for a SHIELD and a COVERING PROTECTION, for our DEFENSE against the operations of the devil--(and ALL the ARMOR is linked in some way to GOD’S WORD).  In our DEFENSE COVERING, our loins are girt with TRUTH, our heart is protected by the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS, our feet are shod with the PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL, we carry the shield of FAITH, and we have on our heads (to protect our minds) the helmet of SALVATION.

In this blog, we’ll FOCUS on ONE PIECE of the EQUIPMENT which is provided for us through our FAITH in Jesus--THE SWORD. 

When we look at this SWORD, we SEE that it’s NOT an implement to COVER us for PROTECTION.  It’s a TOOL to be USED in our OFFENSE.  We TAKE that SWORD, the WORD OF GOD, and speak it with POWER and AUTHORITY through FAITH IN JESUS--THROUGH KNOWING that THE WORD is TRUE (by our FAITH in the POWER of Jesus).  As we do this, the devil MUST flee from us!

We actively assault and attack enemy stongholds, PULLING THEM DOWN, by the POWER of GOD’S WORD (our part is BELIEF in THAT WORD which is ROCK SOLID--so we do NOT cower or waver in our FAITH!).

Ever wonder why some Christians lead lives of defeat?  They are NOT using the WEAPONS provided from God.  In order to WAGE a SUCCESSFUL WARFARE, we MUST have the WORD OF GOD stored in our hearts, so we can USE IT--and we must be ROCK SOLID in our FAITH--saying, “God SAID it, SO BE IT UNTO ME!”

[I also want to point out that we have a SECOND weapon of OFFENSE in SPIRITUAL WARFARE--this is prayer and supplications in the Spirit, praying BY THE SPIRIT as the SPIRIT provides the WORDS.]

How does this apply to the book of Revelation and END TIMES prophecies about Jesus Christ?  I want to offer ONE MORE thought BEFORE we look at Jesus with HIS SWORD in the END TIME context.

With our DEFENSIVE ARMOR in place, and with THE SWORD and our prayer in the Spirit, we are to be MIGHTY WARRIORS for Jesus Christ.  By His strength, His authority, His leading, His WORD, and our prayers, we OVERCOME the devil and PREVAIL AGAINST him.  We RESIST the devil’s onslaught and forge ahead TO PULL DOWN HIS STRONGHOLDS.  This is the VICTORIOUS CHURCH, the CHURCH TRIUMPHANT, the CHURCH which OVERCOMES!

Where am I going with this?
In Daniel 7:21 and in Revelation 13:7, we SEE an OPPOSITE picture.  TRIBULATION SAINTS are OVERCOME by a devil-filled man, the Antichrist!  For THIS REASON (and there are OTHER reasons, too), those TRIBULATION SAINTS cannot be the OVERCOMING CHURCH!  The true Church is NOT overcome by evil, but instead, the true Church PULLS DOWN the devil’s STRONGHOLDS!  The Church is GIVEN the INDWELLING HOLY SPIRIT.  He MUST be taken OUT OF THE WAY, BEFORE the Tribulation begins.  The Holy Spirit-filled Church MUST be caught up in the Rapture BEFORE the Tribulation begins.  2 Thessalonians 2:6-8.  WOW and DOUBLE WOW!  Do you see and understand this?

Now, what about the TWO-EDGED SWORD in the MOUTH of Jesus as pictured in Revelation?  It’s yet another picture of JUDGMENT!

With the WORD OF GOD in His mouth, He will FIRST use it to DIVIDE ASUNDER the thoughts and intents of His Church (corresponding to the prophecy of the CHURCH AGE--as given in the LETTERS to SEVEN CHURCHES in Revelation 2 and 3).  He SPECIFICALLY wields the TWO-EDGED SWORD as He WARNS the Church of Pergamos.  Revelation 2:12-16.

There’s more:  As the JUDGMENTS of the Tribulation fall upon the earth, Jesus continues to use the SWORD (God’s Word) in His MOUTH.

Isaiah 11:4--“But with RIGHTEOUSNESS shall He JUDGE the poor, and REPROVE with equity FOR the meek of the earth:  and He SHALL SMITE the earth with the ROD of His MOUTH, and with the breath of His LIPS shall He SLAY the wicked.”

In Isaiah, the instrument in the Lord’s MOUTH is a ROD, a tool used to BEAT and PUNISH.  The SPIRITUAL TRUTH pictured remains the same.  GOD’S WORD will be spoken by the BREATH of Jesus’ MOUTH, and the wicked will be SLAIN, an ACT which rescues the poor and the meek on the earth.

John 12:48--“He that REJECTS Me, and receives NOT My WORDS, has One that JUDGES him:  THE WORD that I have spoken, THE SAME shall JUDGE Him IN THAT DAY.”

The SWORD is NOT mentioned by Jesus in this passage, BUT the CONCEPT remains the same.  GOD’S WORD will JUDGE the UNBELIEVERS in THAT DAY (a reference to the TIME OF THE END).

2 Thessalonians 2:8--“And WHEN that WICKED (the Antichrist) be revealed, whom THE LORD shall consume with THE SPIRIT (the breath) of His MOUTH, and shall DESTROY with the BRIGHTNESS of His coming...”


This SAME picture is REPEATED in Revelation 19:15--“And OUT OF HIS MOUTH goes a SHARP SWORD, that WITH IT (the WORD of God) He should SMITE the nations:  and He shall RULE them with A ROD OF IRON:  and He treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.”

The mighty SWORD of the SPIRIT, the WORD OF GOD, is spoken by the AWESOME VOICE of Jesus--like the SOUND OF MANY WATERS.  The enemies PERISH under that WORD as it DESTROYS them with its PIERCING forward THRUST, to DIVIDE ASUNDER every THOUGHT and INTENT of their WICKED hearts.  Jesus will CAST OUT the wicked KINGS, and the unbelieving Christ-rejecting EARTH-DWELLERS.  They will perish, NOT by bomb or military weapons, BUT by THE WORD that Jesus SPEAKS from His lips as He returns to the earth!

“And the REMNANT (those left standing) were SLAIN with the SWORD of Him Who sat upon the horse, which SWORD proceeded out of HIS MOUTH; and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.”  Revelation 19:21.

The vision of Jesus in Revelation 1, with the SWORD in His MOUTH, foretells of all these things!  He wields the SWORD in the Pergamos Church, and with that SWORD He slays the wicked at the very end of the Great Tribulation.  He SPEAKS the WORD and IT IS DONE!

By now, we KNOW that the SWORD is the WORD OF GOD--which Jesus speaks with His voice like many waters.  But why does this SWORD have TWO EDGES?

On ONE SIDE, the Word of God offers the GOOD NEWS, the PROPHECY and the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.  We see many BLESSINGS promised by God to those people who TURN to Him in faith, FOLLOW His decrees and instructions, and ACCEPT Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  THIS IS THE GOOD SIDE OF THE TWO-EDGED SWORD.


The Bible is full of warnings, impending judgments, proclamations about hell, chronicling the works of Satan and his legions of evil angels, and it shows ETERNAL DEATH--eternal SEPARATION from God.  JUDGMENTS will fall upon ALL who REJECT God and the WAY of salvation that He provides in Jesus.  THIS IS THE FRIGHTENING SIDE OF THE TWO-EDGED SWORD.

ONE side is BLESSING and JOY.  The OTHER side is JUDGMENT and WOE.  ONE side shows the way to ETERNAL LIFE.  The OTHER side shows the wide highway to the SECOND DEATH and ETERNAL SEPARATION from God.

The choice remains upon us:  Which side of that SWORD will we choose?  BLESSING or CURSING?

Where do you stand in relation to all the TRUTHS we saw today?  Are you an OVERCOMING Christian who uses the SWORD (provided by Jesus) to PULL DOWN ENEMY STRONGHOLDS? Or does the picture of Jesus with His SWORD strike terror within you?

You needn’t be afraid.  There’s a WAY provided for you.  Accept Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. He will NEVER use a SWORD of JUDGMENT upon you, as you walk daily in fellowship and communion with Him.  Instead, you may take THE SWORD, the WORD OF GOD, that HE PROVIDES and OVERCOME.  In Him, you can gain the VICTORY over the world, your flesh and THE DEVIL.

Now that IS good news, isn't it?

All GLORY, POWER and HONOR to our soon coming King!


  1. hi, really good writing here. I agreed with your interpretations. Amen.

    I also know notice in "God's Word" that 'Sword' can be seen in the two words "GodSword" 'God Sword' = 'God's Word'


    God bless,Gerard

  2. Thanks, this is helping me in preparing my message for tomorrow about the Voice of God.

  3. Keep doing what you are doing. This was a great read.