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Revelation 1:15--“And His feet like unto FINE BRASS, as if they BURNED IN A FURNACE; and His voice as the sound of many waters.”

In today’s segment, the FOCUS will be upon Jesus’ FEET, which are clearly likened to FINE BRASS.  Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc.  (Formerly, brass referred to ANY alloy of copper, especially one made with tin.)  Brass is recognizable as the shiny gold metal of which modern trumpets, trombones, tubas, etc., are made--the BRASS element of a band. Ornaments and decorations are also made of the shiny metal.  Anything made of brass is said to be “brazen.”  Brazen figurines, brazen bowls, brazen goblets, brazen instruments.  Jesus’ feet would be called “BRAZEN.”

The feet of Jesus are NOT ONLY brass.  They’re described as HOT brass, as if they burned in a furnace.  The HEAT and the BRASS are YET ANOTHER element in this vision of Jesus-- which amplifies the picture of JUDGMENT.

Also, feet are a symbol of PROCEDURE, or in other words, a WALK.  For example, we talk about the CHRISTIAN WALK.  To WALK successfully as Christians, we must have our FEET properly prepared.  Ephesians 6:15--“Our FEET shod with the PREPARATION of the Gospel of peace.”  This means, in order to WALK successfully as Christians, WE MUST KNOW THE WORD, THE BIBLE, OUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL!

Jesus’ FEET, in Revelation 1, are shown as fine (burnished--polished) BRASS, as if they BURNED IN A FURNACE.  BRASS is the SYMBOL of JUDGMENT as Jesus TREADS the ENEMIES under His feet.  His FEET are WHITE HOT, which pictures a FIERCE and BURNING JUDGMENT.

Looking back into the Old Testament, we discover that the ALTAR of BURNT OFFERING in the Jewish Tabernacle was MADE of BRASS.  Exodus 27:1-4  Brass is a tempered metal which is able to hold the FIRE and the HEAT of the BURNT OFFERING.  In scripture, brass AND fire are synonymous in their portrayal of JUDGMENTS.

As the animal was SACRIFICED upon the BRASS ALTAR, judgment occurred for the sins of the people (the animal was ALWAYS a SUBSTITUTIONARY sacrifice, meaning it received GOD'S PENALTY for sin, instead of the people).  Jewish believers PLACED FAITH in GOD’S PROMISE, that AS the animal paid the price for their sins (for a TEMPORARY time--since the sacrifices needed CONTINUAL REPETITION),--their SIN was JUDGED, and NOT them personally.  As the BURNT OFFERING occurred, they believed in GOD’S PROMISED SAVIOR--Who would be the FINAL sacrifice, of which the animal prophesied.  People placed their faith in Jesus’ sacrifice for sins, BEFORE THE FACT, and that’s what SAVED them.

Repeat--God’s JUDGMENT for sin fell upon the animal being sacrificed on the BRASS ALTAR.  The JUDGMENT involved FIRE and BURNING (the heat).  Jesus’ feet of HOT BURNING BRASS shows that symbol of JUDGMENT.

There’s another picture in the Old Testament that I’ll add:  The BRASS SERPENT in the wilderness--an event that occurred within Israel’s FORTY YEAR wandering, as they followed Moses, after being SET FREE of slavery in Egypt.

First, lets look at John 3:14, a New Testament passage which refers BACK to the BRASS SERPENT.  Jesus spoke, saying, “And AS Moses lifted up THE SERPENT in the wilderness, SO EVEN must the SON OF MAN be LIFTED UP.”  What does that mean?

Let’s look at Numbers 21:4-9.  (HOMEWORK--READ THAT SCRIPTURE.)

The children of Israel, in their wilderness wandering, became discouraged and grumbled against God and Moses.  As a result, the Lord sent FIERY SERPENTS among the people.  The snakes BIT the people, and many of them DIED.

Therefore, the people came to Moses, confessed their sin, and begged Moses to PRAY to REMOVE the SERPENTS.

The Lord told Moses to make a SERPENT of BRASS, and to hang THE BRASS SERPENT upon a pole.  Then anyone who was BITTEN, IF they LOOKED UPON the SERPENT, then they would be SAVED.

Jesus pointed to this Old Testament event, and used it as a FORESHADOWING of His crucifixion.  Jesus would hang upon a pole (the cross), and ANY who TURN to Him in FAITH for what he did WOULD BE SAVED!

But there's an apparent hitch.  How can a SERPENT become a picture for Jesus Christ?  All through the scripture, the SERPENT is a symbol for SATAN.  The answer to this dilemma lies in 2 Corinthians 5:21.

“For He (God) has MADE HIM (Jesus) to be SIN for us, Who KNEW NO SIN; that we might be MADE the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God IN HIM."

This shows us that Jesus NOT ONLY BORE OUR SINS AND SICKNESSES upon His shoulders as He died on the cross for us.  This CLEARLY SHOWS that JESUS BECAME SIN, ITSELF.  God poured out His WRATH upon that sin, and JESUS paid the PENALTY for us IN FULL.

In being MADE sin, Jesus is LIKENED to the SERPENT, Who CAUSED man TO SIN in the FIRST place.  This SHOWS, that AS Jesus paid the PENALTY of GOD’S JUDGMENT upon OUR SIN, there’s a secondary aspect involved.  THROUGH Jesus’ DEATH and RESURRECTION is the DEFEAT of THE SERPENT--SATAN!  The devil was JUDGED by God--rendered NULL and VOID--along with the SIN he created (when AS LUCIFER, he rebelled in heaven).

[This opens another topic, for Christians.  Because Jesus’ death and resurrection DEFEATED Satan, then we, placing CONFIDENCE in the RESURRECTION POWER given to us by Jesus through the Holy Spirit, can COMMAND the devil to flee, and he must!  We can BIND Satan’s operations using Jesus’ delegated AUTHORITY.  We can cast out evil spirits.  We can TREAD upon SERPENTS, meaning we can walk in victory, no matter what Satan may TRY to do to us.  Because we have SUCH POWER invested in us through what JESUS ACCOMPLISHED, and through the Holy Spirit--this is WHY an OVERCOMING Church must be REMOVED--BEFORE Antichrist is revealed when he makes a SEVEN year peace treaty with Israel.  I’ll explain all these concepts IN DETAIL later in our study of REVELATION.]

Looking deeper at Jesus being likened to a BRASS SERPENT as He hung on the cross--as he BECAME OUR SIN--we can understand Jesus’ distress as He BECAME SEPARATED FROM GOD (because of THAT SIN).  Jesus experienced what it’s like to be LOST, to be CONDEMNED, to be JUDGED.  It’s NO WONDER why He CRIED from the DEPTHS of His soul, as He hung there LIKE A BRASS SERPENT!  He expressed His anguish with these words, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

He did it all, so that we may be SET FREE.

As the children of Israel looked upon the BRASS SERPENT on a pole in the wilderness and WERE SAVED, we look upon Jesus as He hung on the cross.  We see His sacrifice for us, believe it, receive it, and ARE SAVED!

Jesus, in performing the JUDGMENTS--as recorded in Revelation--has BRASS feet, heated WHITE HOT--with WHICH He’ll TREAD upon God’s enemies.

We do NOT need to FALL UNDER this JUDGMENT.  The WAY OF ESCAPE is provided for us!  Believe what Jesus DID at the cross and receive it, confess our sins, seek His forgiveness, ask Him into our hearts as Savior and Lord, and then follow Him.  We’ll GAIN BLESSINGS, God’s PROVISIONS and REWARDS--(NOT His JUDGMENT for being an enemy).

IT’S SO SIMPLE!  Don’t hesitate! Time’s growing short!

Be abundantly blessed.

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