Monday, March 14, 2011


After a series of teachings which show JESUS in the ACT of BRINGING the WRATH upon a wicked world in the GRIP of the TRIBULATION, I’m ready to FOCUS upon some absolutely AWESOME NEWS.  We, the TRUE CHURCH, are NOT APPOINTED to WRATH. (1 Thessalonians 5:9.  Romans 5:9.)

(1.)  When that TRUTH is mentioned, some people JUMP TO THE CONCLUSION that the WRATH being spoken about IS WHEN God sits on His Great White Throne and sentences people to HELL--because they have REJECTED Him. 

(2.)  Others INSIST that the WRATH being talked about IS THAT which occurs WHEN the SEVEN BOWLS are poured out, CLOSE TO the END of the TRIBULATION.

In the FIRST INSTANCE, people are correct to claim that the TRUE CHURCH is NOT destined for HELL--but, they ADD that, FOR SURE, we’ll NEED to suffer ALL the HORRORS of the TRIBULATION!! 

The SECOND belief THRUSTS the CHURCH into MOST of the TRIBULATION, with THE RAPTURE happening at the BLOWING of the 7th TRUMPET--just BEFORE the BOWL JUDGMENTS begin.

So much CONFUSION abounds!  As I visit various CHRISTIAN websites, I find MANY who ARGUE over the TIMING of the RAPTURE.

I’ve CALMED myself on many occasions, saying that I REFUSE to ARGUE.  If people are TRULY “born again,” what they THINK about the RAPTURE doesn’t matter.  When the EVENT OCCURS, they’ll be CAUGHT UP (harpazoed--Pre-Tribulation)--based upon THE FACT that they’re TRULY SAVED.

I’ve recently had a change of heart!  I now speak up concerning the mistaken conclusions. 

One motivating factor is that I HATE error.  A second reason is that I want OTHERS to know the BLESSED HOPE which is GIVEN to the CHURCH--(and PERHAPS a few will read about these things--and change a their minds).

A THIRD factor truly BOTHERS me. These people (who argue against a Pre-Tribulation Rapture) DO NOT focus upon the APPEARING of Jesus in the air (which is definitely promised)!  Instead, they look for ALL the TROUBLES of the TRIBULATION and are expecting the REVEALING of the “Antichrist.”  Perhaps I’m a trifle harsh, but, somehow, this feels a little BLASPHEMOUS to me, ESPECIALLY since I know ALL that Jesus has SUFFERED to MAKE His people READY to MEET HIM!

Many (who teach that THE CHURCH must enter and SURVIVE the TRIBULATION) display a certain DEGREE of FEAR in their postings, saying things like, “I know it will be TERRIBLE, but I HOPE Jesus will help me through it,” or “I EXPECT Jesus to give me what I need when the ‘Antichrist’ arrives to KILL ME.”

In my “next series” of blogs, I hope to offer refreshing and inspiring GOOD NEWS!  I’ll FOCUS upon what Jesus has DONE to SAVE us.  I’ll SHOW our SPIRITUAL POSITION in Jesus, and WHAT it INCLUDES [this was done in my “The Church’s Position (in Jesus) And The Pre-Trib Rapture” series].  I pray that these TRUTHS open a few eyes to the AWESOME WORK Jesus has ALREADY accomplished FOR us!

Are you prepared to RECEIVE this blessing?

I’ll begin with the ENCOURAGEMENT given by the Apostle Paul to the CHURCH in 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11.  (REMEMBER the CONTEXT of this scripture--Paul has been INSTRUCTING the Thessalonians about meeting Jesus in the air, in the clouds, at the RAPTURE.  He goes on to SAY…)

“For God has NOT APPOINTED us to WRATH, but to OBTAIN SALVATION by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who DIED for us, that whether we WAKE or SLEEP, we should LIVE TOGETHER with Him.  Wherefore COMFORT yourselves together, and EDIFY one another, even as you also do.”

That scripture is QUITE PLAIN and EASY to understand.  The SALVATION spoken about here is a RESCUE, a DELIVERANCE in order to experience SAFETY, and quite simply, to be SAVED.  What are we to be DELIVERED and KEPT SAFE from?

In the CONTEXT of the TWO Thessalonian epistles, we are to be RESCUED FROM the DAY OF THE LORD (the coming HOUR of TRIBULATION), by being CAUGHT UP (RAPTURED--whether AWAKE or ASLEEP).

It’s ALSO of IMPORTANCE to RECOGNIZE this--Paul writes about those in the CHURCH who are either AWAKE or ASLEEP.  (This reference is NOT talking about the SLEEP of UNBELIEF as shown in 1 Thessalonians 5:6-7!)  INSTEAD, Paul is directing us BACK to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 where the PASSAGE is in THE PROPER CONTEXT of COMFORT to the CHURCH!  It’s WHERE Paul defines the ONES who are “SLEEPING.”  They are those believers Who have DIED (during the AGE OF THE CHURCH) having their FAITH placed upon Jesus.  Those AWAKE, in this context, are those who are “ALIVE and REMAIN unto the COMING of the Lord” (in the RAPTURE).

(We must ALWAYS keep a message WITHIN its PROPER CONTEXT.  This is KNOWN by Bible scholars as DOING a correct EXEGESIS.  In Scripture it’s called--“RIGHTLY DIVIDING the Word.”)

The RAPTURE of the CHURCH is another manifestation of God’s GRACE (which is a FREE GIFT, or a PRESENT from Him, IN JESUS.)  The SALVATION (that DELIVERANCE from the TIME of the TRIBULATION) is something which CANNOT be EARNED by performing GOOD WORKS.  It’s something which God GIVES His people THROUGH GRACE.  God has shown His GRACE toward us by SENDING His Son, so that we “OBTAIN SALVATION by our Lord Jesus Christ, WHO DIES FOR US.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:10.)  Our PREREQUISITE for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is to be FOUND in FAITH in Jesus--trusting in WHAT He did for us at the cross!

We’re so familiar with this CONCEPT!

“For God SO LOVED the world, that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever BELIEVES in Him should NOT perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE.”  (John 3:16.) 

By the shed blood of Jesus, our SINS are forgiven, and by our ACCEPTING this GIFT, and INVITING Jesus to LIVE in our hearts, we are BORN AGAIN, made RIGHTEOUS and READY to LIVE in God’s VERY PRESENCE in His HEAVENLY ABODE.

In the RAPTURE (as PART of God’s GRACE), we’ll be CAUGHT UP and taken to our HEAVENLY MANSIONS!  It’s ALL a FACET of God’s GIFT to us in Jesus!  A true and believing CHURCH is gifted with God’s amazing GRACE--in our PROMISED RAPTURE!  (Remember, too, the AGE of the CHURCH is God WORKING according to His ADMINISTRATION [dispensation] of GRACE toward His true CHURCH! See Colossians 1:25-27.)

We, the TRUE CHURCH, are NOT APPOINTED to the WRATH of God! We ARE the BENEFICIARIES of His GRACE!  A powerful and awesome truth!  We should NEVER lose SIGHT of this WONDERFUL fact!

Have a wonderful and AWESOME day, focusing upon Jesus, the SAVIOR of our souls.


We welcome JESUS in the RAPTURE.  We look forward to His KINGDOM of PEACE in the Millennium!  YES, EVEN SO, COME…our AWESOME and MAGNIFICENT LORD JESUS!