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God’s WORD is so much MORE than a compiling of 66 books penned (as the Holy Spirit directed) by 40 people!  Every word, every number, every color, every symbol, every structure has PERTINENT MEANING.  Every story of Old Testament people, every historical recording, every prophecy written--ALL point to JESUS and His amazing work in some way.  AND it also tells of God’s plan--to reconcile a fallen creation back to Himself after mankind fell into sin (Man’s SIN is THE ACT which gave the Title Deed for the earth to the devil).

The BIBLE’S MESSAGE intertwines, presenting a CONSISTANT message.  What God has declared in one place, He will always confirm it--with THE SAME meaning--in another place in His word.  As I bring this topic to you, I use this understanding, gleaning nuggets from all over the God’s Word, and fitting the pieces together (like a DIVINE jigsaw puzzle) to show valuable doctrine.

If you have difficulty figuring out what SYMBOLS mean, or HOW doctrines INTRODUCED in one place RELATE to what’s shown in another, use a STRONG’S EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE, and do extensive research.  The Bible will indeed INTERPRET itself.  It’s the METHOD I’ve used, which I APPLY in this teaching.

Please take the time to read the many scriptures I will cite in this study.


Would you be so BOLD as to say that JESUS IS COMING SOON?  Many of us, just by looking at events in the world, would answer with an unequivocal “YES!”
It seems everywhere we look, we find Bible prophecies in THE PROCESS of becoming fulfilled.  A few prophecies are NOT just in “the process”--THEY ARE FULFILLED ALREADY!

Here’s TWO prominent ones:  1.  Israel returned to their promised land after a SECOND dispersal and captivity (which was world-wide).  Isaiah 11:11-12.  Zechariah 10:9-10.  2.  Israel as a nation, born in one day (May 14, 1948).  Isaiah 66:6.

Those ANCIENT WORDS have COME TO PASS in our time!  This demonstrates an ALIVE and ACTIVE GOD--Who WATCHES over His Word to PERFORM IT!  God’s hand is INDEED moving!  AND, He does exactly WHAT He SAID He’d do!

Some people may have a VAGUE understanding of WHAT to expect in these end times, gathered from a CASUAL reading of the Bible.  Coupled with what’s happening in the world right now, it produces a heightened awareness that our time is drawing VERY SHORT.  But, UNFORTUNATELY, in so many cases, MISAPPLIED scripture and UNDEFINED WORDS lead to MISTAKEN conclusions.

One of the most HOTLY DEBATED issues is THE TIMING of the Church’s promised RAPTURE.  A few people DON’T BELIEVE in a rapture!  Others believe that the Church must ENDURE THROUGH a horrendous time, commonly called “the Tribulation”--where believers must SOMEHOW SURVIVE as ALL HELL breaks loose on earth.

But, what is THE TRUTH?

I firmly believe that God DID NOT give His Word to BRING CONFUSION.  I can list prophecy upon prophecy, that SPEAKS to Israel, plus others, which speak to the Church.  Books have been written on this subject.  So I’ll NOT rehash this debate from the perspective of what has already been written by numerous other authors!

But there’s another factor I feel is often neglected in end time debates--the character of the Church.  I want to concentrate on that.

I’m FULLY CONVINCED of the PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE of the CHURCH, and I desire to show you SOUND REASONS why I see it as I do.  In doing so, I follow the exhortation of 1 Peter 3:15.

“But SANCTIFY the Lord God in your hearts:  and BE READY ALWAYS to give AN ANSWER to every man that asks you a REASON of the HOPE that is in you with meekness and fear.”

As I bring this study, I SEEK to present it as CLEARLY as I can, remembering with humility, that right now, on this side of eternity, I “see through a glass darkly.”  Now, I know in part, but when I see Jesus FACE TO FACE, then I shall KNOW fully ALL the WONDERS of His Precious Word.  (1 Corinthians 13:12.)


What people often FORGET is this--to clearly UNDERSTAND Bible prophecies, and the TIMING of end time things, we must study our POSITION IN JESUS too.  The study of ESCHATOLOGY (end time prophecies) must be BALANCED with the study of ECCLESIOLOGY (the NATURE of the Church--with its specific PROMISES).  That’s what I intend to show in this series.

People often forget how UNIQUE “the Church” really is--AMONG all the groups of God’s people.
God INTERRUPTED His plans for ISRAEL when that nation REJECTED Jesus as their promised Savior and Messiah!  When that rejection occurred, as prophesied, God TURNED to another group of people that He had kept hidden in His plans (a MYSTERY that was HIDDEN in God from the beginning--Colossians 1:25-27).  God set Israel aside (NOT forever) but for a predetermined time--Acts 15:14-16, Romans 11:1-2.

The Church has NEVER REPLACED ISRAEL in God’s plans, as some false teachers would have you believe.  (The BOTTOM LINE--what does GOD say about it?)  He will NEVER FAIL to bring His word to pass!  He will NEVER FAIL to fulfill ALL the EVERLASTING and UNCONDITIONAL COVENANTS that He gave to Israel--which are the Abrahamic Covenant, the Land Covenant, the Davidic Covenant and the New Covenant. 

After Israel was TEMPORARILY set aside, God began CALLING-OUT a people FOR JESUS, a SPECIAL and UNIQUE BODY known as THE CHURCH.  When God called the Church into being, as BOTH Jews and Gentiles accepted what Jesus did at the cross for them, He equipped THIS BODY like NO OTHER PEOPLE has EVER been equipped!  In this series, I’ll point out that EQUIPPING and THE POSITION of the Church IN JESUS.  I’ll also point out EXACTLY how God SEES us and NAMES us!

There’s indeed a POSITION that the TRUE CHURCH enjoys.  This position involves a special RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST, and a wonderful PROMISE that goes with it.  The true church (those BORN AGAIN--and IMMERSED INTO JESUS CHRIST to become HIS BODY) are SPARED from God’s JUDGMENTS in the TRIBULATION.  For that reason, I offer THIS VIEW which EMPHATICALLY shows WHY the UNIQUE BODY known as the Church will NEVER be cast into the “HOUR of temptation (that tribulation) which shall come upon ALL the world, to test (try) them who dwell upon the earth.”  Rev. 3:10.

When I started this series, I thought it would be simple thing.  A few statements here and there, and I could close the topic.  I’m AMAZED by ALL the golden nuggets waiting to be uncovered!--AND I don’t want to neglect any part of this.
Therefore, I separate this teaching into a series.

My prayer is that you’ll want to discover more.  I guarantee you, this study will be richly rewarding.

May Jesus be honored and His people encouraged.

God bless you all.

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