Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In all the years I've studied and taught Bible prophecy (for 38 years now), ONE factor always amazes me.  People continually DENY the fact that Jesus will RETURN--in THIS GENERATION.  They're totally ignorant of a Biblical truth--that God has SET UP His word that so we'll KNOW the TIMES AND SEASONS.  We're actually EXHORTED to NOT be ignorant!  We're told REPEATEDLY that we must WATCH and BE READY.  Many times as  I've shared the message of the glorious appearing of Jesus to Rapture His Church, I've asked:  "Is anyone paying attention? 

In a HOUR such as this, I'm also amazed that many people will NOT devote THE TIME to become informed--they neglect the NEARNESS of the Lord's return. 

(Sometimes, I feel discouraged concerning this fact.  I continue writing, teaching, offering scripture, all in the hope that someone, somewhere, somehow, will pay heed to the messages and be FOREWARNED that our current world system is SOON to end.  Not only that, but IF they DO NOT have a relationship with Jesus Christ through true heart faith and confidence in Him, I pray that they make the RIGHT CHOICE before it's too late.) 

Will people get themselves PREPARED, forearmed with TRUTH and ENCOURAGEMENT?  Or will they IGNORE all the SIGNS--in effect, burying their heads in the sand?

Many years ago, I drew a cartoon concerning END TIMES unpreparedness: 

An ostrich straddled a railroad track, rump and tail feathers in the air, its head buried in the dirt between the rails and ties.  The ostrich thought, while thus situated, that "ALL is well"--convincing itself that nothing will harm it, that the train will NOT arrive for at least A HUNDRED YEARS (or more).  "I'll be long gone by then," the ostrich told itself, "and all this talk about Jesus' return will NEVER affect me."  So why bother to learn about it?

What the ostrich did NOT see, with its head so deeply buried, was that the TRAIN INDEED APPROACHED, and it was coming QUICKLY (a RUNAWAY train!).  A SIGN upon the locomotive's sides proclaimed--"I AM JESUS, AND I AM COMING NOW!"

The second frame in my cartoon showed the ostrich HIT by the RUNAWAY train.  The foolish bird, wings bent and long legs akimbo, squawked, its feathers flying in all directions.  It was CAUGHT UNAWARE by the coming of Jesus and was HURLED into the TRIBULATION'S judgments!

Too many people APPEAR to be like that bird!

SIGNS OF THE TIMES blare like an AIR-RAID siren, but people, lacking knowledge, and NOT wanting to be told the truth, IGNORE the BLARING ALARM.  They will NOT take the time to PREPARE.  They DON'T WANT to KNOW.  They divert their attention elsewhere--to work, games, pleasure--all the while thinking, "It won't happen.  Not yet.  This end time FLAP will cease, just like so many others that came before it."

On other forums, I find groups of Christians who WONDER like I do--"Why the terrible INDIFFERENCE, the lack of interest in Bible prophecy, when the WHOLE creation is GROANING with SIGNS, with warnings that flood the atmosphere--like loud wailing SIRENS?" 

There's the OBVIOUS increases in earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, floods, hurricanes, sea and waves roaring, tsunamis, excessive heat and bitter cold, blizzards, birds-fishes-animals dying all over the world, raging wildfires, deceptions of UFOs, falling meteors, near misses with asteroids, approaching comets, the sun throwing off more and more massive solar flares, the magnetic north pole moving rapidly toward Russia.  Should I continue?  I'm sure I could add more to the list. 

(I realize, however, that the Mainstream Media is silent about the signs.  They blather about the latest political scandal, or the life and times of Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.)

Added to THE LISE of SIGNS is the TURMOIL and DISTRESS in the nations, especially the current UPHEAVAL in the Middle East--all of it creating a HAIR-TRIGGER crisis that could EXPLODE into a war at any instant.

These world conditions, the increasing BIRTH PANGS point to the AWESOME nearness of Jesus' return.  All of us who pay attention, indeed SENSE the URGENCY of this hour, EXPECTING that the NEXT SOUND we hear might be a trumpet and a loud shout from Jesus, "Come up here!"

The other Christians (that I mentioned above from other forums) said that they continually run into people who exclaim, "Well, we DON'T KNOW WHEN He'll come, you know..." 

The disparaging remarks continue along in this direction:  "Yeah, people have ALWAYS said that Jesus is coming.  Well, take a look at us.  We're STILL here, aren't we?"

"Nobody can KNOW when Jesus will return.  It's all in God's hands, so why should we concern ourselves with it?"  And the UNCONCERNED walk away with a dismissive shrug.

Concerning giving warnings to people, other Christians report getting these reactions:  "When I talk about the end times and how Jesus is coming soon, I get this response:  people don't care..."

"Well, NOT CARING is one thing.  I've seen people get terribly angry--FURIOUS with me for even mentioning it."

"Why should people care about the END TIMES and the RETURN of Jesus, when our pastors don't care?"

"Yes, I know all about that.  Many pastors won't touch Bible prophecy..."

"They say it's too controversial.  It will divide their congregation into warring factions..."

"They say it can't be understood anyway."

"So the final conclusion is this--don't touch it.  Besides, people don't want to be bothered with it.  Many would leave Churches if their pastors started harping about Bible prophecy."

"They say it's too scary.  Imagine that!  Scared over seeing Jesus face to face--the One Who died to save them..."

Yes, there was quite a discussion on those forums--expressing ALL the MANY reasons WHY people ACT like OSTRICHES in this VERY SIGNIFICANT HOUR.  Indeed, we SIT on the BRINK of Jesus coming to receive His CHURCH to Himself.  And MANY who "call" themselves Christians are NOT looking for Him to appear!

IT'S SO SAD.  AND TRAGIC!!!  It doesn't need to be that way...if people would only WAKE UP.

But will they?

What I've described is IN ITSELF a FULFILLMENT of END TIME Bible prophecy.  What are those prophecies which SHOW the ATTITUDES of many Christians as the HOUR of Jesus' return draws near? 

I can mention the CHURCH OF LAODECIA, the last ERA of CHURCH HISTORY  (Revelation 3:14-22). 

The people are BLIND--they can't see THE SIGNS around about them, can't DISCERN scriptural truth.

The people are RICH--so caught up in their work and obtaining more WEALTH, that Bible study is pushed aside--after all, it's NOT AS IMPORTANT as gaining that EXTRA nest egg. 

They are LUKEWARM--meaning that they are neither for Jesus or against Him.  Sure, Jesus is THERE, but He's just NOT RELEVANT in their lives.  In fact, Jesus stands on the outside of these people's hearts, knocking, wanting to be invited in... 

They are INDIFFERENT.  The LAODECIAN CHURCH can be SUMMED UP as the congregation who SHRUGS "So what" instead of shouting "Hallelujah."

Another prophecy which is FULFILLED by INDIFFERENT people in the END TIMES is 2 Peter 3:3-10.

"Knowing this first, that there shall come IN THE LAST DAYS 'scoffers,' walking after their own lusts (desires), and SAYING, 'Where is the PROMISE of HIS COMING?  For since the fathers fell asleep (died), ALL THINGS continue as THEY WERE from the beginning of creation. 

"For this they WILLINGLY are IGNORANT OF, that by the WORD of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the waters and in the water:  whereby the world that then WAS, being overflowed with water, PERISHED:

"But the heavens and the earth, WHICH ARE NOW, by the SAME WORD are kept in store, reserved unto FIRE against THE DAY of JUDGMENT and perdition of UNGODLY MEN.

"But beloved, BE NOT IGNORANT of this one thing, that ONE DAY is with the Lord as a THOUSAND YEARS, and a THOUSAND YEARS is as ONE DAY.

"The Lord is NOT SLACK concerning His PROMISE, as SOME MEN count slackness; but is LONGSUFFERING to us-ward, NOT WILLING that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.

"But the DAY OF THE LORD (the Tribulation period) will COME as a THIEF in the NIGHT..." (meaning that MANY will be CAUGHT UNAWARE by Jesus coming to catch up His CHURCH.  These people live their lives for their OWN PLEASURES AND LUSTS, neglecting Jesus.  Those UNAWARE [and also NOT REALLY SAVED] will be flung into the Tribulation hour, like the OSTRICH I described earlier).

Are you one who resists TEACHINGS about Bible prophecy?  Are you really interested in the things of Jesus?  Are you devoted to Him?  Are you living for Him?

Understand this--the Bible devotes MUCH SPACE to prophecy!  God is One Who knows THE END since the VERY BEGINNING, and what He says IS GOING TO HAPPEN--WILL HAPPEN.  And God EXPECTS us to KNOW IT!  And since He EXPECTS us TO KNOW it, He writes it in a WAY which INDEED can be UNDERSTOOD.  By COMPARING scripture to scripture, we can DISCOVER the meanings of the SYMBOLS--which are CONSISTENTLY DEFINED all over the BOOK!

And also UNDERSTAND THIS--God EXPECTS us to KNOW the TIMES AND SEASONS!  While we can NEVER declare the DAY or the HOUR when Jesus will appear to RAPTURE His CHURCH, we can KNOW by the SIGNS in the world around us that the TIME DRAWS NEAR.  Let's NOT be IGNORANT of these things.

Yes, Jesus IS COMING at any instant NOW.  This KNOWLEDGE is SUPPORTED throughout the scripture.  It TIES directly into THE WORLD of OUR TIME.  AND I'll SHOW you THE PROOF!

In 2 Peter 3:8 (from the passage quoted above), we see that in the EYES of God, a THOUSAND YEARS is as ONE DAY.  In my next blog, I'll explain what that PHRASE means to us.  It ties into our KNOWING the TIMES AND SEASONS.

I hope and pray people are reading and learning from these blogs which I labor IN LOVE to write.  I've dedicated so much time to the study the scriptures, and my CHIEF JOY is to write about the WONDERS I've learned.  (Or to ponder some of the probable interpretations.)

I do pray that you have a wonderful day.  Jesus is coming soon!


[[[AN ADDITION--I feel that I should to CLARIFY some truths, because  I don't want my ostrich description to stir fear and confusion.  There are QUALIFYING FACTORS involved in the scene of that foolish bird.


(1.)  ALL who accept Jesus into their heart and are BORN AGAIN--who by GRACE are SAVED through FAITH--these WILL meet Jesus in the air in the RAPTURE, even if they don't believe there's a RAPTURE.  It's the BLOOD of Jesus which cleanses us from sin and unrighteousness.  Faith is the power of His SHED BLOOD for us is WHAT makes us READY.  Hallelujah!

For anyone who believes this--the news that Jesus is coming soon should be an exciting joy and great anticipation. 

But IF people have received INCORRECT teaching concerning the END TIMES--and the RAPTURE, their BLESSED HOPE and JOY may be ROBBED from them.  They NEEDLESSLY live their lives in fear and dread in a time WHEN the Bride should be HAPPILY preparing to meet her Bridegroom. 

That's so sad!  But their LACK of PROPHETIC knowledge will NOT cast them into the tribulation.  When we are truly BORN AGAIN, we're members of THE BODY OF CHRIST--and we will be included in the Rapture. 

(2.)  There those who SAY they are Christian, but are Christian IN NAME only, whose hearts remain FAR from Jesus--who have NOT been BORN AGAIN.  Being a MEMBER of a Church organization is NOT what saves us--ONLY a HEART relationship with Jesus provides our salvation.  These ones who "profess Christianity"--WITHOUT truly inviting Jesus to live in their hearts--will NOT be saved and ready to meet Jesus in the air.

(3.)  And there those IN THE WORLD, who have NO affiliation with a Church whatsoever--people who live in unbelief and are yet trapped in their sins, BECAUSE they've never asked Jesus for forgiveness and have NOT invited Him into their hearts.  This group, without Jesus, will also NOT meet the Lord in the air when He descends with a shout.

I want this to be clear.  And I hope this helps.  We need to make sure we're IN the BORN AGAIN category.  If so, we've NOTHING to fear.  Our Lord Jesus will take care of us--no matter what happens BEFORE He descends into the air to call us to Himself.  He is our SHIELD, our FORTRESS, our DELIVERER, our SAVIOR, our HOPE, our JOY, our LIFE.]]] 



  1. People get mad because the devil is very mad about Jesus coming back. He sure isn't jumping for joy about being thrown in a pit for 1000 years, nor is he geeked about being cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. The fact, (yes fact) is being attacked with ferocity never seen in the nearly 4 decades this writer has lived. This is demonically inspired and the reason we must continue to warn no matter what the cost.

  2. Sharon, I get such joy from reading your work! Thank you!