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If I had a categories under which to post these blogs, I could include "goals, plans, and hopes" as well as "end time prophecies"--and for a VERY GOOD reason.  When I discuss a subject as important as the "Rapture" of the Church, it IS a "blessed HOPE."  I absolutely PLAN to be one of the souls "caught up" by Jesus in the "Rapture."  And with this outlook, meeting Jesus face to face in that glorious event is a topmost GOAL of mine.

As you can see, I'm eager for Jesus to come and get His Church.  I've been anticipating the "Rapture" for DECADES--from the time that I became "born again" in the late autumn of 1972.

Through the years, I've noticed a few common reactions whenever I mention the "Rapture."  Many people IGNORE it.  Some people actually "shudder" at the thought of it, shaking their shoulders as if a gust of cold wind had chilled them.  Others say "not now."  A few became "angry" at the mention of it.

WHY?  Below I offer three common reasons.


1.  "The current world is too fascinating and so much fun."--or--"I have too much life left to live."--and--"I don't want Jesus to come and ruin it all."

People who hear the "siren song" of the world, and see society as a PLACE OF ENTERTAINMENT, do NOT want to spoil it by a trip to heaven.  (How shortsighted they are!)


2.  "My family, loved ones and friends are not ready.  The Lord can't come back until I manage to get them saved." 

Yes, we must always do ALL in our power, through the operation of faith and the leading of the Lord, to see our family and friends turn to Jesus.  But the bottom line is this:  God is in control and people have their own stubborn wills. 

Just because someone is NOT READY will NOT prevent Jesus from coming.  There WILL be a time when God will say:  "Go get them, Son."  It's likened to a game of hide and seek, where Jesus will be the One saying "Here I come, ready or not." 

People who are NOT ready--make that choice at their own risk--and no amount of arm-twisting can persuade them differently, if they CHOOSE to resist the invitation of the Holy Spirit.  We have to "let them go" and TRUST God to answer our prayers and pleas--even if those prayers are answered during "the Tribulation" hour!

3.  "Heaven is a dull and boring place.  People float around on clouds, playing harps and singing songs forever.  Why would I want to go there?"

This is an insidious misunderstanding, because the Bible tells us that "eyes have not seen and ears have not heard" all the glory, excitement and wonder which await us as we come face to face with our Lord and Savior.  1 Cor. 2:9.  This means that heaven will offer us new vistas and experiences that we cannot even imagine.  Heaven will be beauty beyond human understanding.  God will have many activities and vocations for us there--and we will NOT be bored.


I can list a few things, ENOUGH to spark our curiosity and anticipation:

a.  When Jesus comes, we'll see Him face to face.  He'll welcome us with a love, joy and acceptance that's beyond anything this world has to offer.  The JOY will pulsate within us and radiate beyond to all who surround us.

b.  When Jesus comes, we'll get a brand new body--one that will never get tired, never get sick, never get old.  Best of all SIN will be gone.  In the here and now, Christians are prone to sin, which creates an inner conflict in us.  We desire to do good, but many times will fail--which causes us to feel grieved, frustrated (and if Satan has his way--it can bind us up with guilt).  Once we meet Jesus in the air and receive our glorified bodies, every one of these fleshly hinderances will be GONE.  We'll be perfect, young, strong and whole--and NEVER AGAIN BE SUBJECT TO DEATH!  

c.  There will be a glorious REUNION among family and friends.  We'll be reunited with precious loved ones who went before us.  (For me--I can hardly wait to see my grandmas and grandpas, my mom and dad, a beloved niece, aunts and uncles--I could go on and on with this list.)

d.  We'll meet famous Bible personages--Adam, Eve, Enoch, Noah, Moses, Abraham, King David, Elijah, Daniel, John, Peter and Paul--and too many others to continue listing.  We'll be able talk with them and share details of our lives, ministries, worlds and times.

e.  We can explore all the wonders of the universe that God has created.  I believe we'll be introduced to technologies which will make our puny space exploration grow dim in comparison.  What other dimensions will God open for us?

f.  We'll have gifts and callings to pursue in heavenly and "kingdom" occupations.  Some people will tend heavenly gardens.  Some will pursue arts.  I believe our earthly personalities and temperaments will be PERFECTED and we can follow areas of our giftings.

g.  We'll receive "crowns" and "rewards" for what we have done in our earthly lives--it's called the "judgment seat" or the "bema seat" of Christ.  2 Cor. 5:10.  It will be a glorious pageant which awaits us (and even if we receive NO rewards  1 Cor. 3:11-15 , we'll be so thrilled to be included in that scene!)

h.  We'll take part--at the heavenly throne--as God and Jesus fulfill their plans (and judgments) upon the earth in "the Tribulation" hour.  Rev. 4:1-11.  Rev. 5:8-10.

i.  We'll be participants in yet another grand ceremony--the MARRIAGE of Jesus and His TRUE CHURCH.  2 Cor.11:2.  Rev. 19:7-8.

j.  We'll accompany Jesus on white horses as He returns to earth to begin His reign on David's throne in Jerusalem during the Millennium.  Zec. 14:5.  

Jude 14.  Rev.19:14

k.  We'll "rule and reign" with Jesus as "kings and priests"--helping Him govern the Millennial world, and onward throughout eternity.  1 Cor. 6:2-3. Rev. 5:10.

I'll end this list for now--there's probably so much more that I omitted, or which I cannot even comprehend at this time, because my eyes and imagination are just TOO SMALL to contain it all.

SUMMING IT UP--TO BE WITH THE LORD WILL NEVER BE A BORING ENTERPRISE.  To claim that we'll float on clouds is a "heavenly insult."

So why do people RESIST the idea of the "Rapture"--that instant when we'll be called out of this world, meet Jesus in the air, proceed to heaven with Him and escape all the trouble and woes of "the Tribulation"?  Luke 21:36.  Rev. 3:10.

It doesn't make sense!

Perhaps a lot of the RESISTANCE can be attributed to JUST PLAIN IGNORANCE of God's Promises.  A great portion of RESISTANCE occurs BECAUSE we have AN ENEMY named Satan.  He works hard to SPOIL the TRUTHS about God with his LIES, and by laying out his WORLDLY INTICEMENTS (like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden).

How can we NOT desire heaven?  How can we DREAD such a glorious event as the Rapture?  

Think about it!  What does this world offer us?  Tears, problems, heartaches, sickness, trouble, calamity, distress.  Of course, in Jesus we OVERCOME all the hassles of the world.  But IN HEAVEN, with our Lord, we'll know perfect joy and rest from our earthly labors.  We'll enter into the Godly and magnificent plans--with which our Lord will bless us.  We'll know a degree of LOVE, COMPANIONSHIP and FELLOWSHIP WITH THE SAINTS that we have never experienced before.

Why would anyone want to DELAY or AVOID these awesome rewards?  Jesus waits for us, His arms outstretched to receive us....

I'm so READY to go be with Him.  And I pray that you feel the same way, too!!!

This is all that I planned for my blog today.  I hope it has offered some "food for thought."

I'll continue tomorrow with a Bible description of being CAUGHT UP into the dimension of heaven.

Have a most wondrous day!

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