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In this blog, I offer you something to consider:

I used the title "TIME OF TRANSITION" because I FIRMLY believe it ACCURATELY describes what we live in RIGHT NOW.   Another title could be used, also:  "The Prodromal Period."

Back in the 1980's, I read a book by Carol Balizet entitled "The Seven Last Years," a fictional account of some people CAUGHT in the 70th Week (as prophesied by Daniel), which will fulfill prophecies that are YET to be completed in Israel--and upon the world.  It's interesting to page through that book, which was copyrighted in 1979.  It incorporated CURRENT NEWS ITEMS from THAT ERA--and it's amazing that this author was so convinced that the Tribulation was near--even BACK THEN. 

(NOW, the signs are EVEN MORE PROFOUND.  Not ONLY the signs!  Not ONLY the warnings!  Now, we see ACTUAL Bible prophecies in THE ACTION of "becoming fulfilled.")  My ANALYSIS--we stand on THE BRINK of the START of the Tribulation.  The STAGE is SET.  The ACTORS are in place.  MOVEMENT occurs in the background--and the CURTAIN is starting to RISE!


The point I want to BRING OUT about Carol Balizet's book is this--she referred to the time PRIOR to the Tribulation as "The Prodromal Period."

What does it mean?

Definition (medical)--from the Greek "prodromas" meaning "running before." 

Prodromal pertains to the INITIAL STAGES of a disease.  It's the interval between the EARLIEST symptoms and the APPEARANCE of a rash or fever.

In the case of the END TIME scenario, we have LONG PASSED the INITIAL STAGES of the "last days" arriving.  The INITIAL STAGES came when Israel was REBIRTHED as a NATION.  Isaiah 66:8 shows that astounding MIRACLE.

"Who has heard such a thing?  Who has seen such a thing?  Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?  Or shall a NATION be BORN in one day?  For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."

Another FACT is this--BEFORE prophecies can be fulfilled, THE STAGE must be MADE READY for them to transpire.  This is "the prodromal period." 

We are FAR ALONG in that PRODROMAL process TODAY!  Much FURTHER ALONG than the BIRTH of Israel on May 14, 1948!

Jesus also used a term when He described the coming TIME of Tribulation.  He LISTED signs which would be READILY apparent--false prophets and false christs, wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilences, signs in the heavens and the earth, earthquakes and roaring seas, falling stars, a red moon and darkened sun--each subject corresponding EXACTLY to the opening of the seven-sealed scroll in Revelation 6.  Jesus LABELED those signs "The Beginnings of Sorrows."  This is A PHRASE which REFERS to the FIRST three and a half years of the Tribulation.

"The beginning of sorrows" is the START of BIRTH PANGS (the ACTUAL LABOR of childbirth).  So, therefore, the Tribulation is likened to LABOR PAINS, which--ONCE THEY GET STARTED--do NOT stop.  Labor pains INCREASE in frequency and intensity until THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM of Jesus Christ is BIRTHED upon the earth.  The ACTUAL LABOR gets underway in the FIRST three and a half years of the Tribulation (in the "beginning of sorrows"--the beginning of childbirth).

Keeping with the idea of BIRTH PANGS (labor), we can BACK UP a bit.  A baby isn't born suddenly WITHOUT any prior warnings--unless the woman is one of those featured on the TV show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."  (That docudrama "blows my mind."  How can women make that outlandish claim?  How could they NOT know they were pregnant?)

In a LIKE manner, some people are completely ignorant about the SIGNS of the times today.  They don't know the Tribulation approaches.  How can they NOT know?  That also "blows my mind."

Back to the subject at hand:  PRIOR to the ONSET of LABOR, many SIGNS warn a woman that THE TIME for CHILDBIRTH is getting near.  Increased weight.  Swollen ankles.  Shortness of breath.  A child inside kicking at her ribs.  False labor pains (the "braxton hicks").  There's many PRE-LABOR warnings.  Wouldn't you agree?

The SAME concept applies to the approaching "Tribulation."  We can look around in our world and SEE the stage being prepared.  It's the "PRODROMAL PERIOD"--just BEFORE the ONSET of the ACTUAL event.

Just like a BABY does NOT suddenly POP into the world, so also, the Tribulation will NOT just suddenly start.  The preparations BEFOREHAND must be PUT INTO their proper place.  Then the BIRTH PANGS of ACTUAL LABOR begins!

We LIVE in that time of the FINAL PREPARATIONS.  That's WHY we witness EVENTS occurring at BREAKNECK SPEED--and we WATCH the ACTUAL MOVEMENTS of Bible prophecy STARTING to be fulfilled.

Current news WARNS us of how CLOSE we really are (and for MUCH of this news we MUST use the Internet and NOT rely on a MAINSTREAM MEDIA which REFUSES to tell us the truth about these things): 

There's many earthquakes, many awakening volcanoes, birds and animals in massive die-offs, extreme weather and raging waves, flooding, drought, wildfires, approaching food shortages as a result of these things, sinkholes, UFO phenomena--which is a sign of coming deception, wars and rumors of wars all over the globe, false teachers who preach another gospel which produces a LUKEWARM CHURCH and APOSTASY, those who have a form of godliness but who deny the power thereof, ills and violence in society, boasters, covetousness, proud, blasphemers, disobedience to parents, people without natural affection, love waxing cold, those who DESPISE good, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, events in Israel, talk of "peace and safety", the demand that Israel give up more land "for peace", demonstrations and upheavals in the very nations (Egypt, Jordan and others) that will form a coalition and produce what's prophesied in Psalm 83, the alliance between Russia and Iran which is a "set-up" for the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38 and 39, the constant talk of "globalization", political maneuvering toward a New World Order--and even a man whose actions look so much like "the Antichrist" that people are tempted to label him.

What we can say FOR CERTAIN about WHAT we NOW witness:  

There IS a TIME OF TRANSITION as the Church Age comes to its END, and the Tribulation is PREPARED for its start.  We LIVE in this period where the AGE OF GRACE flows out--and the TIME OF GOD'S WRATH AND JUDGMENT starts to flow in. 

According to a teaching by David R. Reagan, God is NOW performing "remedial judgments" for the purpose of bringing people to repentance in this END OF THE CHURCH AGE.  Some are heeding it.  BUT many seem to pay no attention, carelessly going on with their lives as usual--just like it was in "the days of Noah and Lot."  Luke 17:26-29.  They ate and drank, married and gave in marriage, bought and sold, planted and builded--right up to the day when THE JUDGMENT of God fell (in the flood, and in the fire and brimstone upon Sodom and Gomorrah).  In our day, it will be LIFE AS USUAL for those who are UNAWARE, and then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will hit them.  1 Thess. 5:3.  Then it will be TOO LATE to partake of "the ACCEPTABLE year of the Lord--too late to ESCAPE the "day of vengeance of our God." Isaiah 61:2.  Luke 21:26.  Isaiah 26:17-21.  Zeph. 2:2-3.

Here's another idea--there COULD BE an INTERVAL of time BETWEEN the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the CHURCH, and the "peace covenant" with Israel (for seven years) which STARTS the Tribulation.  There's NO necessity for the Church to disappear, and for "the Tribulation" to be "instantly" started RIGHT THEN.

(There's a pattern of the Jewish wedding--showing parallels of the marriage covenant between the Bridegroom JESUS and His Bride THE CHURCH.  Some people say that THE YEARS when the Church is in heaven with Jesus are exactly SEVEN--"the same" amount of time as that of the Tribulation.  These people MIGHT be correct--I ONLY ask that you CONSIDER an ADDITIONAL fact.)

Take another look at Revelation 4 and 5:  These chapters show A PERIOD in heaven BEFORE the START of the Tribulation.  There's worship and pageantry (Revelation 4).  These ceremonies MUST happen AFTER the BEMA (reward) SEAT of Christ, because the "24 ELDERS" have ALREADY been GIVEN their crowns.

AFTER all of that activity (the Church receiving our crowns, and THEN worship taking place at the throne of God), the seven-sealed scroll is DESCRIBED in the right hand of God (Revelation 5)--and One MUST be declared as WORTHY to OPEN that scroll (which is Jesus, of course). 

The point I wish to make in describing this--is that SOME TIME must be ALLOWED for the ceremonies to take place--and then ATTENTION is turned to presenting Jesus with the seven-sealed scroll (in Revelation 5).

While these ACTIVITIES transpire in heaven, OTHER events move forward on the earth. 

The FINAL PROPS will be set into place for the BEGINNING of the Tribulation (FINAL PROPS--like a war or two--which USHERS IN a "PEACE AGREEMENT" with Israel for seven years--which STARTS of the 70th WEEK yet determined upon the Jews!)  Time must be ALLOWED for these things to pave the way!

Will the RAPTURE happen???--and THEN weeks or months go by???--BEFORE the START of "the Tribulation"???  It's just something to keep in mind.  God knows the TRUE TIMING of these things.

Another FACTOR is the IMMINENCY of Jesus' return--to SNATCH His Church into the air to meet Him! 

NOTHING in prophecy MUST be fulfilled BEFORE the Rapture.  Jesus can come in the NEXT SECOND, the NEXT MINUTE, the NEXT HOUR.  He'll come at a time when UNAWARE people LEAST EXPECT Him to come.

If we THINK that "THIS" or "THAT" prophecy MUST be fulfilled BEFORE Jesus can come--then we're going to be surprised. 

Plus, we're NOT LOOKING for Jesus to ARRIVE, but ARE WAITING for the United States to fail and fall, or ARE WAITING for the Psalm 83 War, or the Gog/Magog War.  Or MAYBE we're WAITING for the NEXT FEAST of PENTECOST--(Last spring, I actually HEARD Pentecost taught this way!  What a wonderful time for Jesus to descend and Rapture His CHURCH--on PENTECOST--thus BEGINNING and ENDING the CHURCH AGE with that FEAST.)  Well, PENTECOST came and passed--so therefore, MAYBE Jesus will do it this coming spring.

I have SO MUCH DIFFICULTY in expecting Jesus to Rapture His Church on a Jewish FEAST DAY--whether it's Pentecost or the feast of Trumpets!  WHY?

Because expecting Jesus to Rapture us on ONE GIVEN DAY ruins the DOCTRINE OF IMMINENCY.

I KNOW there are those who SAY that "not knowing the day or the hour refers" to details in the feast of Trumpets.  So when Jesus does NOT appear on ONE feast of Trumpets, we MUST WAIT a FULL YEAR for the NEXT ONE.  My question:  How do we keep our EXPECTANCY HIGH if another full year must elapse? 

(Again, these ideas seem to RUIN the idea of being READY to MEET Jesus at all times!  It seems to NULLIFY the EXPECTANT HOPE of His appearing--which is a thing that causes us to purify ourselves.  1 John 3:2-3.)  

Suddenly, He WILL come--it may even be tonight--and some people might be caught UNAWARE. 

Jesus Himself speaks of THE DANGER of THINKING He DELAYS His coming.  He described a servant who thought the Lord delayed His coming, and that servant began to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken.  The Lord of that servant shall come in A DAY when he LOOKS NOT for Him, and in AN HOUR when he's NOT AWARE.  That servant will be appointed a portion with the hypocrites...  Matthew 25:48-51.

In my opinion, NOTHING stands BETWEEN us and the COMING of Jesus in THE RAPTURE.  NOTHING!

When the Rapture suddenly occurs, God MIGHT have a FEW prophetic events STILL HANGING, awaiting their fulfillment:  Like a war (or two) that will happen BEFORE the "PEACE COVENANT" is CONFIRMED between Israel and the Antichrist (which STARTS the Tribulation).  There COULD POSSIBLY be a TRANSITIONAL PERIOD between the RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH and the ACTUAL START of the Tribulation judgments.  (Again, I emphasize, this is just something to consider...) 

What could POSSIBLY fit into a TRANSITIONAL PERIOD?  Will the Church SEE some of the wars and events that arrive "BEFORE the great day of the Lord" comes? 

If we should indeed SEE some of the prophesied wars, it will TELL us FOR SURE that the RAPTURE is exceedingly near. 

Here's another question:  Would SEEING a war, like the fulfillment of Psalm 83, RUIN the idea of "NOT KNOWING" when Jesus will appear? 

For certain, we'd be put on HIGH ALERT and would have PROOF of actual FULFILLED prophecy--which we CAN use as a TOOL to help SHARE THE GOSPEL.

I have more to share along these lines of possibility, but this is enough for today.

In the next blog, I'll lay some FOUNDATION concerning IMMINENCY--and how Israel plays A PART in the idea of IMMINENCY. 

Have a wonderful day.


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