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I post my title with three question marks, because, like with the RAPTURE of the FAITHFUL and TRUE CHURCH, we cannot SAY WHEN the prophesied WARS in the Middle East will erupt.  All we know, by the SEVERITY and TUMULTUOUS events in the entire Middle East--is that those wars are on the BRINK of happening.  Each day I expect to hear about it--I might be SADDENED by the BAD NEWS, but I certainly will NOT be surprised.

We've exited from a few weeks which have been STEEPED in warnings! 

(Originally, I wrote this article on September 27, 2009, and am now UPDATING the material.  However, I do want to leave in what I wrote in 2009--just to SHOW how the DEVELOPMENTS have been PROGRESSING.)  At the United Nations, we saw and heard RABID world leaders from ROGUE nations push their weight around (and they did it again in 2010)--and for those who were NOT ranting at the podium, the other extreme was PACIFISM and APPEASEMENT.  The idea of a "United Nations" has become a sick joke.  United?  People must be jesting!

The ONLY clear, rational and honest speech which emerged from the jumble of voices was that of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  He told the ASSEMBLY (2009):  "Shame on you"--for allowing MAD MEN to take the podium.  One of these was Ahmadinejad from IRAN, who spewed his continual LIE that THE HOLOCAUST was a HOAX--a radical who yearns for the destruction of Israel ("Wipe them off the map!")  And today (2011), the same guy boasts how the present upheaval in the Middle East is the work of the 12th Imam who is soon to appear amid world chaos. 

(I can add that there was another man there at the U.N., an INCOHERENT lunatic who ranted for over 90 minutes (in 2009), saying nothing but gibberish--in part, something about "swine flu, swine flu, fish oil and fish flu."  That leader, is Ghadafi from LIBYA, who welcomed home a CONVICTED TERRORIST and BOMBER--of the Lockerbie jet--with a hero's greeting (again in 2009.)  Today, as I update this, the same Ghadafi faces violent protests and upheavals in his country--and the latest news is that he fled (from what I heard so far), seeking asylum in Venezuela (running straight to the arms of another radical, Hugo Chavez).  (This news is still developing today--February 21, 2011.)

Why did I pick on those two men?  It's because of Bible prophecy. 

IRAN is the Biblical PERSIA.  And LIBYA is the Biblical PUT.  Both are listed as members in a coalition headed by GOG from the land of MAGOG, which is a reference to RUSSIA.  This HUGE COALITION will swoop down on Israel, seeking to annihilate God's people, Israel.  I believe this war is in the very near future.

Benjamin Netanyahu was the ONLY leader in the UN (2009) to utter POWERFUL and TRUTHFUL words.  The rest was just SHAM--smoke and mirrors and obfuscation!

The RHETORIC has NOT died since these world leaders returned to their respective nations.  In fact, as I now write this (almost two years later--in 2011), the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST is SEETHING.  It's a boiling pot that's so close to spewing over!  We all have watched what occurred in Tunisia, spread to Egypt, and now inflames Iran, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Libya and continues in Lebanon, Syria, and the Gaza Strip, as well. 

Because of this, I can say with all earnestness that we live--WITH WORLD WAR THREE on the HORIZON!  What HOT-HEADED and LAME-BRAINED excuse will set it off???--as ISRAEL watches their OPTIMUM time tick away?  If they wait too long it will be too late!

How will WORLD WAR THREE happen?

I can offer a brief outline, which is based upon SCRIPTURE which is YET to be fulfilled.  These prophetic FULLFILLMENTS are scheduled to happen in a TIME BEFORE the START of the seven-year DAY OF THE LORD (the Tribulation).  That means, we, as people of the FAITHFUL and TRUE Church, COULD WITNESS (see and hear) the START of these particular end time wars. (However, I don't believe the Church will be on earth to see the Gog/Magog War, and will give the reasons in another blog.)

ISRAEL is SURROUNDED by ALL her enemies now, each of them taking a stronger, bolder and more radical stance.  What will be the spark that sets the entire region on fire?  Emboldened radical Muslims could make moves toward attacking Israel and incite the swift retaliation of a powerful IDF.  Or perhaps, Israel, feeling more boxed-in and threatened, as the violence escalates, will make a PREEMPTIVE strike.

We COULD wake up to such news tomorrow.

As the whole Middle East erupts, belligerent SYRIA will rattle its sabers, inciting the groups that they support--al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbolla.  They'll fire their stockpiled rockets into Israel (as Lebanon and Gaza have already done in the recent past).

Israel would then fulfill a specific PROPHECY in Isaiah 17:1, in which Damascus is described as "taken away from being a city, and it shall be a RUINOUS HEAP."

Isaiah 17:12-14 concludes:  "Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!  The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.  And behold, at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning, he is NOT.  This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us."

This part of the war will happen very quickly.  Like a whirlwind.  Suddenly.  In the evening there is the news of trouble.  By morning, Damascus will be GONE.  The rapid event, and the devastation it brings to Damascus, sounds very much like a nuclear attack.

In the tumult of this war, the PROPHECY of Psalm 83 and Obadiah will be also fulfilled, probably at the very same time, a multi-flanked attack from Israel with a swift outcome.  Who are those destined to be defeated, SUBDUED or destroyed by Israel's "exceedingly great army"?

1.  The tents of Edom--Palestinians, who are refugees, those who indeed are homeless and live in tents, their temporary shelters in the West Bank, and along Israel's current borders.

2.  Edom (itself)--Southern Jordan with its Palestinian refugees.

3.  Moab--Saudi Arabia

4.  Hagrites (or Hagarenes)--Egypt

5.  Gebal--Northern Lebanon

6.  Ammon--Northern Jordan with its Palestinian refugees.

7.  Amelek--The Negev and Sinai Penninsula area

8.  Philistia--The Gaza Strip and Hamas

9.  Tyre--Southern Lebanon and Hezbolla

10.  Assyria--Syria and Northern Iraq

In the defeat of all these countries, Israel will LAY NEW CLAIM to the land and territory which was PROMISED to them by God in the COVENANT with ABRAHAM as seen in Genesis 15:18.

The FACT that Israel WINS against such EXTREME odds will SHOCK OTHER NATIONS around the world.  Israel will have AMASSED great "booty" and "wealth" by this victory.  And they will SECURE a TEMPORARY peace, while the world looks on, AGAPE!

The WAR that I describe in today's blog WILL happen BEFORE "the great and terrible day of the Lord" (the seven-year Tribulation).  This idea is VERIFIED in Obadiah 15--"For the 'day of the Lord' is NEAR upon all the heathen."

Notice this is NOT the DAY OF THE LORD is COME, but instead, it's THE DAY OF THE LORD is NEAR--not quite here yet.  THIS IS THE TIME IN WHICH WE LIVE RIGHT NOW!  We see so many SIGNS that the Tribulation hour DRAWS NEAR--but, indeed, it's NOT QUITE HERE YET!

The verse goes on to say--"as you (the Arab and Muslim nations LISTED ABOVE) have done (which was to take possession of A LAND that really belongs to Israel), it SHALL BE DONE to you:  your REWARD (or retribution) shall RETURN upon your own head (in other words--you, oh, heathen--these Arab nations--will SEE the land TAKEN AWAY from you, since you FIRST took it away from its rightful owners, Israel).

Asaph's prayer in Psalm 83, refers to the very same conflict as PROPHESIED in Obadiah.  Listen to the prayer, a pleading to God, on behalf of Israel:

"Keep not Your silence, O God:  hold not Your peace, and be NOT still, O God.

"For lo, thine enemies MAKE A TUMULT and they that hate You have lifted up the head. 

"They have taken CRAFTY COUNSEL against Your people (Israel); and consulted against Your hidden ones.

"They have said, 'Come, and let us CUT THEM OFF from BEING A NATION; that the NAME of ISRAEL may NO MORE be in remembrance.' 

(Those are almost the EXACT WORDS of Ahmadinejad--and this man's sentiments are THE SAME as other surrounding Arabs, Palestinians, Philistines, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda.)


The Psalm goes on to LIST the nations that I named ABOVE.  This is the NEXT WAR which IS SET to break out in the Middle East.  This war is VERY CLOSE to happening, even RIGHT NOW! 

Israel is being BACKED INTO A CORNER.  They MUST do something soon--and not delay much longer.  I fully expect them to strike with Psalm 83 impressed upon their hearts--and spoken upon their lips.

We SIT on a POWDER KEG.  War can begin, and it will inflict EXTREME HARDSHIPS upon a world which is already UNDER so many problems already.  Higher gas prices (in an economy on the verge of collapse) would be ONLY ONE bad consequence.

The CONFLICT may NOT touch the United States, or other far-off nations (like in being bombed) in this SPECIFIC war.  (But that is NOT an absolute guarantee.  Sleeper cells of radical Muslims around the world could strike in one accord.)

ONE result of the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 War could be the BLOOD RED MOON of Joel 2:30-31 and Acts 2:19-20.  This could explain WHY when Peter quoted a prophecy to the newly birthed Church, he included this verse:  "And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, fire, and vapor of smoke:  the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, BEFORE that great and notable DAY OF THE LORD come (BEFORE the START of the seven-year Tribulation)."

Powerful wars, especially nuclear blasts, could produce such results in the atmosphere, obscuring both the light of the sun and the moon.  And it will happen BEFORE the START of the Tribulation.  The Church MIGHT SEE this particular RED MOON at the END--just PRIOR to the Rapture.  Or we MIGHT NOT actually see it, but be Raptured JUST BEFORE Psalm 83 War starts (or perhaps at the SAME TIME it starts)--ending the Church age at the VERY BEGINNING of the blood, fire, vapor of smoke--as prophesied.  (I have a pretty powerful feeling about the subject of IMMINENCY.  If we, the Church, should happen TO SEE the Psalm 83 War, will that hinder the idea of NOT knowing the day or the hour?  It's just a thought I have...)  

The Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 War MIGHT NOT be big enough to have a BLOOD RED MOON appear worldwide.  It MIGHT only be a LOCAL occurrence, happening in the vicinity of the Middle East.  (It's my opinion that the SIGNS will start out small, but gradually become bigger and cover a wider area as the end draws closer.  This follows the pattern of BIRTH PANGS--weaker and more spread out at the beginning, but growing stronger and closer together as the time of "birth" is closer.   When the Gog/Magog War occurs, the RED MOON might be seen over a much broader area.  When the Tribulation begins, and the 6th seal is opened, the RED MOON sign, in that instance, will indeed be WORLDWIDE.)

But, AFTER the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 CONFLICT, another battle will launched.  This WAR will occur AFTER Israel has conquered and subdued the ARAB NATIONS which closely surround her borders.  That FURTHER battle is called the GOG/MAGOG invasion of Ezekiel 38 and 39.  As a result of that conflict, bombs will hit nations called ISLES--a land across THE SEA from Israel.

I'll save the overview of the GOG/MAGOG invasion for the next blog.

What I want you to see RIGHT NOW is this:

Our whole world can be turned upside down, even overnight, and very quickly.  We live in THE TIME when these WARS--prophesied in clear detail--will occur.  WARNINGS GO OUT--BUT FEW PEOPLE SEEM TO LISTEN.


Do people believe that if they IGNORE the SIGNS, than these BAD TIMES will blow over?  Are they like children, who whistle in the dark, hoping the monster will not appear?

To be FOREWARNED is to have THE TIME and THE TOOLS to be prepared.  There's NO BETTER PREPARATION in this tumultuous world THAN KNOWING JESUS CHRIST!  Accept Him as Savior and Lord, allow Him to wash away our sins in His blood, and TRUST in Him to take care of us in WHATEVER DARK HOUR or INCIDENT that may transpire! 

And let's STORE God's Word in our hearts--His GOOD PROMISES which meets EVERY NEED that we might have--for HEALTH, for FOOD, for SHELTER, for PROTECTION.

Be prepared.  Keep looking to Jesus, trusting Him to bring help and comfort.  He will.

Above all,
be blessed.


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