Saturday, February 19, 2011


I've had plans to dive into Bible prophecies brought to my attention by Bill Salus (the Psalm 83 War in the Middle East) and also the prophecy of Isaiah 17.  I'll return to this subject in a later blog.  Today, I feel moved to write about another topic.

Concerning the imagery of BLOOD, FIRE and VAPORS OF SMOKE, I possess a personal understanding of these things--because of several experiences during the course of my lifetime.  As a rule, I SHY AWAY from personal testimonies, because, while they MIGHT offer interesting sidelights, they do NOT relate to the Bible (except in a round-about way).
  It's been my commitment to teach from the BIBLE ITSELF, and NOT share the PERSONAL TESTIMONIES which have SHAPED my life.  Today's an EXCEPTION to the rule.

When I FIRST wrote this particular blog (in 2009--and which I NOW edit), a friend left a comment, offering a link to a statement from an Islamic man who had ONCE WARNED America BEFORE the 9-11 attacks.  The man offered A NEW WARNING (in 2009), something which fits the PROPHETIC PICTURE of FUTURE end time wars. 

When I read the message in that link, chills danced up and down my spine.  The man
warned about another attack upon United States soil--something even more TERRIBLE than September 11, 2001.  The information he relayed brought to my mind images of BLOOD, FIRE and VAPORS OF SMOKE (the same topic I touched upon in my previous blog).   

Could what the Islamic man warned be possible?  I CANNOT rule it out--and here's WHY.

For one thing, in Ezekiel's prophecy (chapter 38 and 39), details are given of the Gog/Magog War.  When that event occurs (I'll blog about it AFTER completing the Psalm 83 topic), there's a passage which tells of FIRE hitting "those who dwell carelessly in the isles."  Ezekiel 39:6. 

WHERE are the ISLES?  It's a LAND (or country) across the SEA or OCEAN from Israel.  So when the INVADING Gog/Magog army is DESTROYED by BLOOD, FIRE, and BRIMSTONE on the mountains of Israel--the SAME destruction happens to a country ACROSS the ocean!

Is this a reference to the United States?  Many Bible scholars SEE IT that way.  (I offer this piece of scripture as BACKGROUND for what I'm about to write.)

Now for my testimony--and I hope I can be brief:

ALL my life I've KNOWN within my inner spirit that I'll BE ALIVE at the COMING of the Lord Jesus Christ.  (I'm now age 67--and this MUST say something about the SHORTNESS of our TIME on earth.  Of course, the SCRIPTURES show that SHORTNESS, too--NOT just the narrower time-frame in which I'll live my own life!)

Scriptures also DECLARE that--as a person is KNITTED together in the mother's womb, GOD has ALREADY placed a PURPOSE and a CALLING upon that INDIVIDUAL (and this is a sound ARGUMENT as to WHY abortion is such a HORRIBLE sin--IT THWARTS God's PLAN for the person who is being KNITTED TOGETHER).  Psalm 139:13.  Jeremiah 1:5.  I KNOW God has His PLAN for me--and right now--I seek to OBEY it.

Bits and pieces of my childhood stand out in my mind, SNIPPETS of VIVID CLARITY.  These have LEFT a STRONG IMPRESSION upon me--things I have NEVER FORGOTTEN.


As a little girl, I attended the Lutheran Church with my parents.  This is a DENOMINATION which RELIGIOUSLY follows a SET LITERGY.  The Church of my childhood didn't teach about the Second Coming, but only pointed out HOW Jesus would suddenly come back on some unknown day.  The PASTOR followed a strict PATTERN each Sunday, including a time to read Bible passages--one from the gospel and one from an epistle.  Because of my EXPERIENCE (which I'm about to share), I researched the Lutheran schedule to verify the TIME when various BIBLE VERSES were APPOINTED to be read in that Church. 
For the scripture I'm about to quote--it was scheduled to be read upon the observance of PENTECOST.  The schedule rotated on a FOUR YEAR interval.  So every FOUR years, the reading of this particular scripture would be repeated.  I DISCOVERED the DATE of when I heard the WORDS which left such an INDELIBLE impression upon me.  It was on PENTECOST--May 16, 1948.  I was FOUR years old! 

(I double-checked my memory.  I know that FOUR YEARS LATER it was 1952.  My experience did NOT happen to me on that later date!  In 1952, I was in the THIRD grade, and my memory of that year is much clearer.  I KNOW the EXPERIENCE did NOT happen to me then.  That LEAVES the 1948 date--when I was FOUR years old!)

On May 16, 1948, I sat in Church, bored by the REPETITIVE ROUTINE.  I figited, tugged at my socks, stared at the ceiling--UNTIL I heard the pastor READ these words--"BLOOD, FIRE, and VAPOR OF SMOKE:  the sun shall be TURNED TO DARKNESS and the MOON TO BLOOD, before the great and notable day of the LORD COME."

Those WORDS buried themselves into my mind.  My heart raced with fear.  I KNEW--was absolutely CERTAIN--that I WOULD BE ALIVE when THE MOON turned BLOOD RED.  I KNEW something awful was going to happen.

(Before I continue, I'll ADD this--LATER, I discovered that PENTECOST in 1948 was TWO DAYS AFTER Israel became a nation once again!!!  GOD gave my small child's mind AN UNDERSTANDING, something that closely RELATED to what was happening in ISRAEL.  My undefined "knowing" NEVER left me.)

But as with young children, the fear gradually abated, and other events of childhood caught my attention.  However, in the back of my mind, the memory rested, to be awakened again, later.

When I neared my teens, I was allowed to go to a summer Church camp in the foothills on the west side of the Cascades.  While seated under tall Douglas firs, bored by the daily Bible study, one of the young people asked a question:

"Is it true, that before Jesus comes back that the moon will turn red?"

The pastor at that camp said, "Yes" and began to read from the Bible.  This time it was Joel 2:28-31, a parallel scripture of what I'd heard on that long ago Pentecost.

My spine stiffened and I sat alert, my heart hammering, as my earlier childhood memory was refreshed.

I returned to my parent's dairy farm and began a vigil of watching the moon.  We had a huge picture window in our old white farmhouse that pointed toward the east.  I often stood at that window to gaze at moonrises.  One night, the moon edged over the silhouette of the Cascades--and it was full.  IT WAS ALSO BRILLIANT RED!!!!

I screeched and ran into the kitchen, grabbed Mom's arm, shaking her and shrieking.  My terror alarmed her, and she kept asking me what was wrong.

I blubbered, "The moon!  The moon!"

Mom spoke with a sharp gust of distress.  "What about the moon?"

"It's red," I squealed.  Tugging on her arm, I pulled her toward the window.  "Look!"

She peered out, and I followed her gaze, daring myself to again gaze upon the unnatural red disk.  The image hadn't changed.  The moon still shone quite red--this time with an orangy tint.

Mom eye's narrowed with confusion.  "I don't see anything wrong.  What scared you?"

"Jesus is coming back.  He's coming back NOW!"

"How do you know?" Mom asked, and I explained what I'd heard at summer camp.

She laughed, obviously very relieved, and explained that Jesus was NOT coming back right away.  I wasn't so sure about that--because a strong sense of KNOWING flooded me:  I'd be ALIVE when Jesus came, and I knew deep inside that I was NOT ready to meet Him.

Finally, I swallowed hard and asked, "Why's the moon so red?"

"Oh," Mom said.  "The farmers are burning field stubble, and the moon's shining through A SMOKE HAZE."

I stood watching the moon as it climbed higher into the sky.  The reddish tint grew paler, until the orb appeared pinkish.

When I was 28, AFTER years of wandering away from what I SAW as an excruciating and "boring" Church, Jesus met me, One-on-one, in my own living room.  I bowed my knees, accepting Him as my Savior and Lord, and I became Born Again.  (That, too, involves a powerful testimony--which I'll not divert into at this time.)

Now, I will jump forward IN TIME to the years right AFTER I was Born Again.  In January of 1973, I received GIFTS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT, one of those being an ability to PRAY in a spiritual language--and coming from my "religious" background, I had NO IDEA such GIFTS even existed.  I say, that in order for the Holy Spirit's plans for me to come to fruition, I need to function in His spiritual ways!  

After that experience (which is yet another profound testimony of HOW God poured this out upon me), I began having dreams and visions of the END TIME.  On several occasions, I heard the AUDIBLE "trumpet voice" of Jesus.  Rev. 1:10.  Rev. 4:1.  (I shared that testimony in a previous teaching somewhere--concerning hearing Jesus' voice.  In that instance, He let me know I'd be ALIVE at the Rapture of the Church--just like I'd SENSED from my childhood.)

As a RESULT of these dreams and experiences, I searched the scriptures diligently, to SEE if what I heard and saw were REALLY TRUE--according to the Bible.  This led me into a DECADES LONG study of END TIME BIBLE PROPHECIES, especially the book of Revelation--a study which has encompassed 38 years now.

What am I trying to explain?  I'm pointing out the description of BLOOD, FIRE, and VAPORS OF SMOKE, because these things MATCH what will happen as END TIME WARS begin happening! 


I've had MANY dreams about the END TIMES and being caught up in the Rapture.  What's interesting is that ALL the dreams and "voices of the Lord" happened from 1972 to about 1984 or 1986.  Then these experiences STOPPED--after I'd saturated myself in the study of end time prophecies.

I'd like to share A RED MOON detail from within a most powerful dream.  (I'll summarize an entry from my journal.)

September 28, 1973:

In this dream, it seemed like such an ORDINARY day, the sky a bright azure, the golden sun shining in radiance.  Rex (my husband) and I, and our two children, did an ORDINARY thing.  We rode in our pickup between our home and town, and we decided to stop at a rest area beside the John Day River.

I looked at the familiar scenery.  A rugged Strawberry Mountain Range towered over us, flanked by bare, flat-topped foothills.  One ledge of rugged rimrock stood out.  Typical John Day Valley surroundings, ocher and dark green, so usual, so routine.

Soon I noticed that Rex and I were no longer standing alone at the rest area.  Surrounded by a large crowd, we moved when they did, and stopped when they paused.  Together, we shuffled up the slight incline of a hill.  Brown grass, dried by a summer's sun, crackled under our feet.

In the crowd, I recognized childhood friends--many of them--of the same generation as I.  Then a fresh crowd of people surged between me and them, and they were lost from sight, although I knew they were still within the massive group.

The sky turned dim and dusky, as if the sun had just set.  The ORDINARY day vanished as we were surrounded by a freakish, bizarre display of lightning.  The bolts of supercharged electricity flashed and danced all around in a 360 degree perimeter, one bolt right after another.  Many times, several bolts streaked at the same time.  Huge, many-forked, they covered the entire sky with a marble-like pattern.  Rex and I stood transfixed, watching in amazement as the lightning hit mountain tops and valleys with a steady, crackling sizzle.  The flickering blue-white light reflected off the upturned faces of the crowd.  As the lightning touched the ground, balls of energy rolled away from each bolt, illuminating the scenery with a weird purplish glow.

The crowd of people gasped, mouths dropped open in astonishment.  The lightning caused the moistness of their wide eyes to glisten.

One man looked at me, his eyes frantic, his clothes disheveled.  "This is terrible," he said.  "There's no rain and there's going to be fires all over."

Not only did NO RAIN fall, there weren't any clouds visible.  The lightning streaked directly out of a clear sky-- a gray-blue sky, appearing as solid as slate.

One bolt shot down and stayed down, keeping contact with the ground.  It danced and quivered, popped and sizzled, traveling a full circle around the horizon.  As it went, it left a bright orange streak trailing in its wake.  Rex and I stared, completely absorbed in the spectacular power of the storm.  We'd seen no other like it.

Then an odd thing happened.  The lightning converged, forming giant, glowing letters across the sky.  Along with the letters came the sound of a voice--booming, deep, like thunder, and amplified as if broadcast from a loudspeaker.  The letters and the voice said, "People of America have no more children."  (I'll explain the meaning of this later.)

Some of the women gasped, placing their hands across their chests, horrified.  A general murmur rippled through the crowd.  As we continued to gaze at the words, they evaporated out of the sky like dissolving mist.

A man exclaimed, anger tinting his voice.  "This is a hoax.  Somebody rigged this up to trick us."

Another replied, "It's no trick, sir.  It's getting ready for Jesus to return."

I grew aware of a Bible.  Recognizing it as my black morocco-leather bound King James Version, I drew in a sharp breath.  My vision zoomed closer to the Bible:  it filled my eyes and my mind.  I noted it lay open to Old Testament prophecy, but I could not determine which book.

A woman's voice reached my ears.  She read the Bible, her voice very soft and indistinct, as if I listened to her from a great distance.  She said what I thought sounded like "chapter seven."  The number was mumbled, but I heard the next words--"verse forty"--quite plainly.  She went on to read in her calm, subdued voice, and one word reached my ears with perfect clarity:  "horsemen."

The Bible reader continued to read, and several people responded, "Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord."

My attention went back to the events around me in nature.  A popping, splitting, cracking noise issued from deep within the ground, as if someone pried rocks apart with a giant crowbar.  The ground began to shake and it split open with a roar.  On the rimrock bluff, boulders broke loose and tumbled down the hillside.  All the while the sky continued to darken.

I looked up at the sky again just in time to see a whole set of stars fall to the earth.  There were many stars which fell, and I thought they looked similar to the simultaneous explosion of many large fireworks displays.

I glanced to the horizon and saw a full moon rise.  Then a black, dusty-looking cloud billowed over the horizon and puffed in front of the moon.  The moon turned brilliant red, like fresh blood.

My heart leaped in my chest, and I grabbed Rex's arm and shouted.  "Look!  The moon's bright red!  Jesus is coming!  Jesus is coming!"

Rex and I continued to watch the red moon and the dark cloud fogging up from beyond the horizon.  I waited to see what would happen next.  THE ALARM CLOCK JANGLED. 

Jumping in surprise, I rolled over in the bed and grabbed Rex.

"Wake up!  Wake up!"  I exclaimed, shaking him.

"Huh?" he groaned.

I kept poking him, anxious to tell him my news. 

"Why are you jabbing at me like the world is coming to an end?" he asked, irritated.

"It IS ending," I said.  "Soon, I think."  And I told him the details of my dream.

After he left for work, I wrote the details into my journal.  Then I turned to my King James Bible.  I felt determined to find out if there REALLY WAS A VERSE like I'd heard in the dream.  If I could find that verse, then I'd KNOW the dream came from Jesus.

I opened the Bible to Old Testament prophecies, and beginning with Isaiah, I looked for a "chapter seven, verse forty" which contained the word "horsemen."  At the end of the search, I found nothing.

A new inspiration hit me.  I decided to hunt in the New Testament for a passage that fit what I heard in the dream.  Again, nothing.

"Well," I sighed, greatly disappointed.  "The Bible part of the dream must not mean anything."  Dejected, I rose to do the breakfast dishes.

Then another inspiration hit me.  I'd search for ALL "verse 40s" in the Bible to see if there were ANY with the word "horsemen."  After a pathway through the Old Testament, I finally FOUND it.  The impact was so overwhelming, I screamed, and I thought a bolt of electricity had hit me.

Gasping and trembling I read the words of Daniel 11:40.  (The woman's muffled voice had NOT said "seven" but "eleven"--two words that sound so similar.)

"It's true!" I shouted, growing more confident that the Holy Spirit had prompted the dream.

I read Daniel 11:40 again, in awe:

"AT THE TIME OF THE END shall the king of the south push at him:  and the king of the north shall come against him, with chariots and with HORSEMEN, and with many ships, and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over."

A week later, on Yom Kippur, the king of the south (Egypt) and the king of the north (Syria) ATTACKED Israel.  At the home of my in-laws, I jumped from my chair as I watched images of war--tanks and clouds of dust moved across the TV screen. 

"This is it!" I yelled.  "Jesus is coming back now."

Everyone looked at me as if I'd suddenly gone crazy.

Of course, the Yom Kippur War did not usher in the return of Jesus.  But I lived through some of the most intense days in my life.  I watched for a blood red moon that did NOT appear.

The symbols in my dream were obvious.  On an ORDINARY day, sometime in the near future, Jesus will come to Rapture His Church.  The event will happen to the people of MY GENERATION--explaining the childhood friends in my dream.  He will return with the suddenness and power of lightning.  Matthew 24:27. 

The bolt of lightning that circumnavigated the horizon showed that the end time events will involve the WHOLE WORLD.

The lightning can also represent electromagnetic storms and disturbances.  There will also be many fires, as the one man in my dream had worried.  Rev. 8:7.

The man who said, "This is a hoax" represented end time scoffers.  The one who said, "It's no trick, sir.  It's getting ready for Jesus to return" represent believers who tell the truth.

The meaning of one part of the dream eluded me.  Why did THE SIGN appear in the sky with the booming voice that said, "People of America, have no more children"--like it was a decree from God?  When I shared the dream with other Christians, they dismissed it as a "FALSE dream" because of that one detail.  So what did it mean?

I figured it referred to Matthew 24:19, which says--"And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!"  But, no!  That verse refers to Israel, and NOT to America. 

It wasn't until YEARS LATER that another meaning dawned upon me.  I dreamed the powerful images in 1973.  ALSO IN 1973, THE SUPREME COURT PASSED "ROE V. WADE"--AND ABORTIONS BECAME COMMONPLACE IN AMERICA.  That dream showed ONE of THE REASONS for God's judgments upon this nation:  BECAUSE of the penchant for murdering babies!  "People of America have no more children."  (I LEFT OUT A COMMA in that phrase, because it's a STATEMENT of FACT.  Many people in America refuse to have children, choosing to abort them.)  And it BEGAN in 1973!

The dream also contained earthquakes, with the ground actually cracking open with gaping fissures.  Falling stars relate to Rev. 6:13.  And of course, there was the dark cloud over the horizon, which represents either distant volcanoes or far-away wars.  The billowing black cloud caused the full moon to turn blood red--just like Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20 and Rev. 6:12.

The images in the dream are pertinent to the TIME in which we find ourselves NOW.  The Apostle Paul reminds us in Romans 13:11--"And that, knowing the TIME, that it is NOW high time to awake out of sleep:  for NOW is our salvation (deliverance) NEARER than when we believed."

Before I close this blog for today, I want to share ONE MORE dream.  This one, too, relates to the topic BLOOD, FIRE and VAPORS OF SMOKE.


I experienced the dream in the last week of October 1980, just prior to the election of Ronald Reagan:

Here's HOW it's worded in my journal:

I dreamed I was in Washington, D.C.  I was at a point in the nation's capitol, hovering above the streets (like I was floating).  From my vantage point, I could look down the length of a very long boulevard.  At the end of the boulevard, the White house stood.  What impressed me MOST in this IMAGE was the White House's ROUND portico (the one on the opposite side is square).

In the long boulevard, a large mob of people milled about.  Thousands of people!  They appeared confused and disoriented, as if they did NOT know whether they were "coming or going." And they were terribly frightened, and even angry.

(I insert a question:  Does CONFUSION and ANGER reflect what we currently see in D.C.?)

The sky appeared very, very dark--black with heavy roiling clouds.  The ONLY LIGHT in the dream was a reddish-orange glare, like a light created by large fires.  This reddish-orange glare flickered upon the huge crowd of frightened people, reflected from their wide eyes, and it also made the White House appear orange.  My strong impression was that Washington, D.C. had been bombed.

Then I looked up through the sooty, black and billowing clouds.  As I looked, I rose into the air.  I passed through the thick clouds, and through the earth's atmosphere to the point where the stars became visible.  That's when I saw Jesus, arms outstretched, with a glowing face and white hair.  I flew toward Him.  The impact of joy was so strong that it woke me up.  END OF DREAM

What really made this dream stand out to me, is that a week or so later, I happened to receive in the mail a National Geographic Magazine that offered a picture tour of the nation's capitol.  (I've never been in Washington, D.C.--the furthest east I've been is to Nebraska and South Dakota.)  In the National Geographic, I AGAIN saw that aerial view of the long boulevard with the White House and its ROUND portico at the end of the street.  (There was also another photo of the White House that showed the opposite side and the square portico.)

My understanding is this, concerning the dream:  Near the time when the Rapture is going to happen (before or after--I cannot say), our nation MIGHT be bombed, and if so, DEFINITELY Washington, D.C.  (My dream had the Rapture happening SIMULTANEOUS to the attack--but as for the TIMING, I cannot feel certain.)  Somewhere along in the span of my life, I may witness what occurred in this dream--I'll just have to wait and see.  END OF MY 1980 JOURNAL ENTRY.

NOW--AS I TYPE THIS BLOG--February 19, 2011--I ADD THIS:  It's IN GOD'S HANDS as to whether this dream is fulfilled or not (or whether this is really a prophetic dream at all).

I cannot DECLARE that the events in this dream WILL happen.  However, it's interesting that we live in a time when the THREAT of attack upon our country is so high--especially as we remember what happened on 9-11! 

At the start of today's blog, I shared how a friend sent me a link in which an Islamic man warned about another attack upon the United States.  (He'd FORMERLY warned about the 9-11 attack--which INDEED involved the loss of blood and produced great fires with billowing black smoke.  WHO can FORGET the pillars of smoke as the TWIN TOWERS burned--and as the Pentagon was stuck by those jumbo jets?)  Could another attack upon the United States actually occur?   Will people even pay attention to warnings about terrorists who are plotting more evil?

Their "planned attack" involves the use of suitcase NUCLEAR BOMBS--carried in small private planes above New York and Washington, D.C.--where they will be detonated.  Other diabolical schemes are also in consideration--like the off-shore launch of missiles.

The man added--radical Muslims feel America's grown SOFT AND WEAK, so NOW'S a great time to fulfill their visions.  (Is this the RESULT of Obama's appeasement policies?  And Pro-Islamic leanings?  I think so.)

As I've stated many times--I DO NOT rely upon dreams, or the opinions of people, to ESTABLISH end time truth.  (But it's interesting how current events--and the ranting of radicals--so closely fit the end time picture.) 

REMEMBER, THE BIBLE IS OUR ACCURATE SOURCE--AND WE MUST RELY UPON WHAT GOD FORETELLS.  He describes great END TIME WARS--and a time of trouble so terrible, it boggles the mind!

Sometime soon, the Middle East WILL explode.  As we've watched the turmoil and unrest of the past few weeks (in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain, Yemen and other countries), we must ask:  "HOW COME the tinderbox has NOT YET IGNITED?"

Into this DANGEROUS and VOLATILE situation, factor in this picture--fanatical Jihadists who seek to TOTALLY destroy Israel (the "little Satan") and who RELISH the idea of doing serious damage to the United States (the "big Satan").

I CANNOT be more emphatic!  We live in PERILOUS times! 

At some point in time, Israel MUST strike PRE-EMPTIVELY against the surrounding enemies who THREATEN to wipe her off the map.  And massive wars WILL erupt, which will send up billowing PILLARS OF SMOKE and turn a full moon into a BLOOD RED SIGN!

I'd LOVE to say that these TERRIBLE things WILL NOT happen--but I'm UNABLE to offer such reassurance!  We simply CANNOT fathom the DIABOLICAL HATRED (spawned by Satan) which will bring despicable CALAMITIES upon multitudes of the world's citizens.  According to Bible prophecy--IT WILL HAPPEN!

The BIBLE tells us that BEFORE the GREAT and NOTABLE "day of the Lord" comes, there will indeed be WARS and BLOODSHED.  These are to ARRIVE in a period of time BEFORE the Tribulation (before the day of the Lord comes).  We LIVE in that PERILOUS TIME right now! 

How can we PREPARE?

Look to Jesus--He's our refuge from the COMING STORM.  Be strong in THE SPIRIT of His MIGHT!  Store up the Word of God in our hearts.  Pray fervently!

I'll finish today's blog with these comforting words from Psalm 91:

Verses 1 and 2--"He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, He is my REFUGE and my FORTRESS:  my God; in Him will I TRUST."

Verses 5 to 7--"I will NOT be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the arrow that flies by day; nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.  A thousand shall fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand; but it shall NOT come near me."

Verses 9 to 11--"Because I have made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High, my habitation; there shall NO EVIL befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling.  For He shall give his angels charge over me, to KEEP me in ALL MY WAYS."

I encourage you to read the whole Psalm.  It speaks of God's power to deliver, of His love which will SHELTER us from all kinds of terrifying calamities.  When we trust in Jesus, even IF we see HORRENDOUS things--He'll indeed TAKE CARE OF US.

Be assured of that!

Call on His name, while there YET REMAINS TIME!  Pray that you might be found worthy to ESCAPE all these things and stand BEFORE the Lord!  Luke 21:36.

Have a PEACEFUL day--and that peace can ONLY come as we keep our hearts and minds upon Jesus.

I don't know what TOMORROW might bring, but I KNOW the ONE Who holds the FUTURE.  We're held gently in His capable hands.




  1. Sharon - you're such a blessing! Your fierce desire to take all of your life's experiences and filter them through God's Word as the only and final Truth is a lesson to us all.

    If you are willing to answer this question, I'd appreciate it:

    Have you ever had a dream/vision/'word from the Lord' experience that you have at first thought was genuine but then after studying scripture realized that it was not?

    And surely many people since the very first moments of the Christian faith have thought that they would without a doubt be alive when Christ returns? Are you utterly convinced that this personal word you say you received was from Jesus?

    Maybe you've answered these and other questions on your blog before, but I have to admit that after reading nearly everything you published on FB for a few months last year, I kind of fell off the wagon!

    I'm back now, though.

  2. It's not just my dreams and experiences that CONVINCE me that I'll be alive at the Rapture of the Church, when Jesus comes to get us in the air and take us to our mansions that He's prepared for us.

    From the Word of God, we CAN determine the time and season of the Lord's return. We're IN that time and season NOW. We also see the prophesied SIGNS all around us--all of them happening at the same time now, and with increasing strength (birth pangs). We also see pertinent end time prophecies which are IN THE PROCESS of becoming fulfilled right now.

    I especially NOTE the parable of the FIG TREE sign that Jesus gave. "This generation SHALL NOT PASS until all these things be fulfilled." Matthew 24:32 to 34. We ARE that generation.

    I won't go into details about the times and seasons in this reply because I WILL be blogging about this--after I conclude the end time wars subject.

    I TRUST the dreams and experiences that I've related INDEED came from the Lord. I've compared them to the teachings of scripture, and find no discrepancies. I also know that the Holy Spirit gives dreams and visions. It's found in Acts 2:17 and Joel 2:28.

    EVERYTHING WE EXPERIENCE MUST LINE UP WITH THE SCRIPTURE. If it does NOT--that's when we must discard it!

    By the way, I'm really glad you're back on the wagon!

  3. I read this blog a few days ago. Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix called, " Patterns of Evidence: Exodus". At about the 1 hour 15 minute mark, a replica of an Egyptian monument (Merenptah Stela) is being discussed. It poetically lists all the nations that were conquered or were at peace. Israel is mentioned once. It reads, "Israel is laid waste, it's seed is no more." It was explained that the inscription was a poetic way of saying Israel has been overcome and defeated. It made me think of the part of your blog where it said, " America has no more children".

  4. I read this blog a few days ago. Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix called, " Patterns of Evidence: Exodus". At about the 1 hour 15 minute mark, a replica of an Egyptian monument (Merenptah Stela) is being discussed. It poetically lists all the nations that were conquered or were at peace. Israel is mentioned once. It reads, "Israel is laid waste, it's seed is no more." It was explained that the inscription was a poetic way of saying Israel has been overcome and defeated. It made me think of the part of your blog where it said, " America has no more children".

  5. today may be another day to bring this blog back to mind...

  6. Dear Sister
    It would seem you escaped and rose above the cloud of danger – your expectation to meet the Lord was fulfilled in a lifelong dream. The Lord is coming – I have heard stories the disciples thought he was coming in there day. He is coming in has day for sure and from my understanding; those that are physical dead or sleep (the saved) and the physical alive (saved) will all be alive and meeting him in the air. Fyi – I have had dreams and this subject matter laid on my heart and think I may be alive when he comes to - kind of scary

  7. Growing great in May preparing for The Perfect Day;as wise virgins we are being made ready HIS remnant-residue-elect prepared,the knowledge of HIS glory being perfectly(2017)shared!

  8. When I read the message in that link, chills danced up and down my spine.smoke damage

  9. Enjoying your blog and hoping to share!! Thank you very much!!