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In my last post, I focused upon the year when Israel--after being dispersed into the world for about 18 centuries (1,813 years)--was REBORN as a NATION in their land.  THAT YEAR WAS 1948.  The TIME of Israel's REBIRTH was what Jesus pointed to in Matthew 24:32-35, when He described the FIG TREE, newly leafed, and declared that summer was near.  So also, when people see Israel REBORN in their land, after a long "winter" season of being dormant, then WE KNOW that the events in the Second Coming of Jesus are near, yes, even at the doors. 

Jesus went on to explain that THE GENERATION who are ALIVE and SEE the REBIRTH of Israel in 1948 will NOT all die, but will STILL EXIST on planet earth as those things, which are prophesied, become FULFILLED.

We who have birthdays shortly before (or close to) 1948 are THAT GENERATION who will WITNESS the events in the Second Coming of Jesus.  (Of course, this means ANYONE born AFTER the 1940s have that VERY SAME DESTINATION.)

Israel is NOT the ONLY end time SIGN!  Other prophetic developments have been put into place. 

Since 1948, Israel has dwelt in their own land, fighting off angry Arab nations and eventually reclaiming possession of Jerusalem in 1967.  We all know that tensions grew heavier and more volatile in the Middle East with each passing year, and, at the moment, the tension is stretched to the breaking point. 

Through the years, while Israel has fought to maintain their existence in own their land, OTHER developments (which MUST be FULLY in place by the TIME of the TRIBULATION) have had their START.  These other things have continued to develop--right up to the present.  The FRAMEWORK is therefore established, and the end time STRUCTURES are in place for the FINAL FULFILLMENTS to occur. 

This is NO ACCIDENT.  AND here's is what's REALLY SIGNIFICANT:  these OTHER developments had their BEGINNINGS in 1948.

What are those things?

The Bible prophesies a coming ONE-WORLD EMPIRE which will be led by a madman DICTATOR known as the ANTICHRIST.  Huge segments of SCRIPTURE are devoted to describing the FINAL world-wide government and its diabolical leader. 

(In future blogs--Lord willing, I hope to go directly to those prophecies, offering full teachings upon them.  For today's blog, my purpose is to SHOW how the ONE-WORLD SYSTEM got its START.  The RELEVANT YEAR was 1948--which DOVETAILS with the understanding of THE LAST GENERATION.)

What I OFFER today is a SUMMARY of information I found in a book, authored by Jim Simmons, entitled:  "The Last Generation:  Prophecy, Current Events and the End Times."  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for anyone who wants a clearer picture of where we stand in relation to end time prophecies.  You will see, as I do, how SHORT our current time really is.

The coming ONE WORLD EMPIRE is like a TRIPOD, which has THREE strong legs.  Each leg is a PILLAR, and I list them below:

1.  ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT (with a DICTATOR who will rule over ALL three of the pillars.)  This is prophesied in Daniel 2, and Daniel 7 and 8, and in Revelation 13.

2.  ONE-WORLD ECONOMY.  We see part of it it Revelation 13, and also in Revelation 18.

3.  ONE-WORLD RELIGION.  This is prophesied in Revelation 17.

So what happened in 1948, that STARTED the development of these THREE PILLARS?  (I'll list the BEGINNING treaties, agreements, inventions and conventions which BEGAN TO ESTABLISH these entities.)


The work towards a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT had its beginnings with a REVIVAL of the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE.

What's interesting to understand, is that the old Roma Empire NEVER FELL.  Instead, it broke into pieces and lost its POWER, while retaining its STRUCTURE.  (I'd need to go into a side-tangent to explain HOW this happened, which I don't want to do in today's article.  Suffice it to say, in this summary, that the old Roman Empire--the legs of iron, feet and ten toes of clay MIXED with iron [of Daniel 2], and the terrible beast with iron teeth [of Daniel 7], started to RISE UP in 1948--in the VERY SAME YEAR as when Israel was REBORN as a nation.)

1.  In 1948, the CONGRESS OF EUROPE MET.  In this congress, they set up SEVEN RESOLUTIONS on POLITICAL UNION.  Most outstanding was resolution SEVEN, which says, "The CREATION of a United Europe must be regarded as an ESSENTIAL STEP towards the CREATION of a UNITED WORLD."

2.  Later in 1948, there arrived THE BRUSSELS TREATY.  This treaty ADDED France and Britain to the Benelux countries of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg (of the Benelux Treaty of 1948).  Later, in 1954, the BRUSSELS TREATY was amended and modified, which added REAL SIGNIFICANCE to the development of a Western European Union.

Since the beginning of the European Union in 1948, further meetings and decisions have occurred, which puts the ENTIRE WORLD on track to be under a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  (Today, I won't go into all the details.  My purpose is for you to SEE that these events BEGAN in 1948.)


1.  DEVELOPMENT OF THE TRANSISTOR.  In 1948, the Bell Labs and AT&T invented the transistor.  Why is that important?  How does it fit into a move toward a ONE-WORLD financial system?

ANSWER:  It opened the door for the computer!  Once computers came into common use, banking systems and financial institutions were LINKED to each other.

It became possible (in the earliest stages of it) in 1948.

2.  DEVELOPMENT OF A GLOBAL AUTHORITY.  In 1948, the ROOTS of a GLOBAL ECONOMY came into being.  This occurred under the ESTABLISHMENT of "THE GENERAL AGREEMENT ON TRADES AND TARIFFS", also known as GATT.  GATT later transformed into THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO) in the 1990s.  WTO serves as an OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE for the World Economy.  This got its START in 1948.

3.  THE WORLD BANK and INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF).  These entities have their BEGINNINGS in 1948.  From this ROOT, the EURO eventually became the common currency of the European Union.  Further plans are afoot--to replace other world currencies with IMF instituted funds.


THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES (WCC).  In 1948, the WCC was founded in Amsterdam.  One of the purposes of the "World Council of Churches" was to develop a milder, gentler, ALL-INCLUSIVE religion.  TOLERANCE is the KEY factor in this organization.

Stands taken by the WCC have DILUTED Christianity as shown in the New Testament.  The attitude can be summed up as "all roads lead to Rome"--or all religions can lead you to God.  (NOTE:  Jesus emphatically said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, NO MAN comes to the Father, but by Me.)  Further developments, stemming from the WCC, have led people right into a "great falling away"--THE APOSTASY, the LUKEWARM and INDIFFERENT Church (an end time Church named Laodecia in Revelation 3:14-22).

I can add further insight concerning the development of a ONE WORLD RELIGION, but will allow this summary to suffice.  The KEY is this:  it's ROOTS are in the year of 1948.

There's so much EVIDENCE concerning the IMPORTANCE of 1948.  This YEAR began an ACCELERATED MOVEMENT toward the FULFILLMENTS of END TIME prophecy.  One would THINK that people would be HIGHLY AWARE of these truths. 

Alas!  A great part of ORGANIZED CHURCH-GOERS are BLIND to the RELEVANCE of the TIME in which we live (brought about by what took place AFTER the WCC formed).

1948 is THE KEY year!  Not only did ISRAEL (the FIG TREE) blossom, but these OTHER ELEMENTS of the END TIME WORLD had their beginnings, too!

Jesus stated, "Verily, I say unto you, THIS GENERATION shall NOT pass, till ALL these things be fulfilled.  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but MY WORDS shall NOT pass away."  Matthew 24:34 and 35.

Many Christians are SO BLIND to what's happening in these END TIMES, thinking the EARTH will CONTINUE as it has from the beginning.  BUT--some world scientists, academics and respected investigators are STARTING to sing a far different tune.  I'll offer a few examples.

Concerning the probability of a nuclear attack:  "'s not a matter of IF, but WHEN."----Eugene Habiger, former Executive Chief of Strategic Weapons at the Pentagon.

Concerning THE ODDS about CATACLYSMIC EVENTS that major insurance companies will be required cover:  Warren Buffett concludes that an imminent nuclear nightmare within the Untied States is "virtually a certainty."

From Dr. Graham Allison, a Harvard professor and director of Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs:  He said, "Is nuclear terrorism inevitable?  Harvard professors are known for being subtle or ambiguous, but I'll try to be clear.  'Is the worst yet to come?'  My answer:  'Bet on it.  Yes.'"

Why the emphasis on NUKES?  Does this FIT with what the Bible says concerning the END TIMES?  Will this be the OUTCOME of the situations which "roil and tumble"--concerning Islamic threats upon Israel?  What about mankind's hope that a ONE WORLD SYSTEM will PREVENT such horrors from happening?

When the Bible describes eyes melting, and the flesh and tongues dissolving away, it certainly SOUNDS nuclear.  When people near the end of the Tribulation develop NOISOME SORES and ULCERS, it sure SOUNDS like the affects of RADIATION.  When cities, like Damascus, are prophesied to become UNINHABITABLE RUINOUS HEAPS, it certainly SOUNDS nuclear.  When specialists must bury the bones after the Gog/Magog war, and passersby are warned to NOT touch them, it certainly SOUNDS nuclear (like precautions against radioactive material).  When Jesus said He must "shorten" the days of the TRIBULATION, in order that flesh will be saved, it sounds as if He returns to stop A NUCLEAR conflagration.

In this light, it's good to remember that the WORLD did NOT have nuclear capability until the mid-1940s.  The world was shocked when the United States dropped atomic bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

When the terrible Second World War was finished, and the radioactive dust settled, Israel was given their land, the European Union started forming, the World Bank was established, and the World Council of Churches organized.  ALL OF IT HAPPENING IN 1948. 

These things have their ULTIMATE DESTINY in the EVENTS of the Second Coming of Jesus.  A remnant in Israel will be given DIVINE protection, and they'll finally recognize that Jesus was indeed their promised Messiah.  The rest of a Godless world will be ripe for severe judgments!  These developments BEGAN in 1948.

In my opinion, this is NOT co-incidence, but evidence of the hand of God, as the world rushes toward the very end "of the times of the Gentiles."  MANY MAJOR PROPHECIES will come to pass, exactly as they are written, fulfulling EVERY detail of the scriptures--gleaned and fit together, from BOTH the Old Testament and the New.

Jesus will come back within THIS GENERATION.  He will CATCH UP (harpazo) His Church in the event called the Rapture, before the Tribulation.  He will then bring God's judgments upon a WORLD and a SOCIETY who have rejected Him.  In the MIDST OF IT, a remnant of Israel will be FULLY SAVED, recognize Jesus as their MESSIAH and KING, and enjoy His REIGN upon the THRONE OF DAVID in the MILLENNIUM.  (As Jesus RULES and REIGNS, His TRUE and FAITHFUL CHURCH will rule and reign WITH Him.)

The countdown toward these events BEGAN in 1948.  BEFORE all of this GENERATION (ALIVE in 1948) passes away, Jesus will come and the FINAL EVENTS will unfold, just like God declares in His Word.

People always have the choice--they can believe these things or NOT. 

But regardless of HOW people believe, it WILL happen, EXACTLY as God foretold.  (I always recite the child's "hide and seek" adage:  Jesus will say--"Ready or not, here I come."  It depends upon WHEN the LAST PERSON of the Gentiles comes to faith in Christ--and FILLS UP the TOTAL NUMBER that God has determined will enter the Church.  See Romans 11:25.

It's ALWAYS my PRAYER, as I offer these blogs, that WHOSOEVER reads them, will TAKE STOCK of their lives.  Let Christians be filled WITH HOPE, joyfully looking forward to seeing Jesus FACE TO FACE.  Let those who are NOT ready, who do NOT know Jesus as their Savior and Lord, fall on their knees and ASK Jesus to come LIVE in their hearts.

Yes, and Amen!  May this prayer be answered by a merciful and longsuffering God.  BE READY--for in a time when we think not, Jesus will appear and Rapture His Church.

May you have a MOST wonderful day, rejoicing in Jesus, your LIFE and your JOY.


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